Breaking My Bob’s Big Boy Cherry

I finally checked off an item that’s been at the top of my Los Angeles area to-do list by going to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank/Toluca Lake.  And what better way to be introduced to this new pleasure than a meetup with my fellow

I think I just sucked on a lemon

We got together last Saturday afternoon in summer-like weather.  Almost all of the bloggers made it there, and we had a table of 10 or so.  Some of these folks were obviously Bob’s veterans, such as Will, who ordered an elaborate-looking double burger from memory, then scarfed it in record time (though, to be fair, he bikes everywhere & is entitled to replace those burned calories), and Jodi, who lives nearby and wrote a great post last August about how Bob’s is one of L.A.’s greatest landmarks.

Bob from the side, sporting his 80s Morrissey 'do

Although Bob’s seems to be most famous for burgers, fries, and shakes (I know, chili spaghetti too), some of which were represented at our table, I opted for pancakes.  Mine were very good, although the “fruit” on the side consisted of “Caine Mutiny“-style canned strawberries.  Quick, somebody call Captain Queeg.  We also learned some interesting Bob’s trivia.  For instance, there may or may not be a secret dessert there called “Ross’s Ass.”  Supposedly, a server named Eli can hook you up, but really, do you want him to?

Check out Bob checking out Tammara

When we finished, we took the obligatory photo with Bob.  It was a great get-together at a well-deserved L.A. area landmark.  And fear not, readers, Bob’s is still high up on our list of future Classic Eats candidates.

5 thoughts on “Breaking My Bob’s Big Boy Cherry”

  1. looks like fun:) i love bob’s. i grew up n bobs in the midwest, they were a staple of road trips. when i first moved here i was so excited to see a real bob’s.

    classic eats at bob’s, i will so be there

  2. Thanks for the post – this place is great, and it was very nearly lost in the early 1990s – kudos to our volunteer Modern Committee for spearheading the effort to save it. Can you imagine it not being there now? – Cindy Olnick, L.A. Conservancy

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