Wear a Yellow Arm Band in solidarity for Gay Rights

Westboro Baptist Church arrives in LA to Spread Hate for the Holidays

If you were planning on attending “The Laramie Project” a play memorializing the tragic hate killing of Matthew Shepard several years ago be prepared to meet protesters from the Westboro church.  ABC7 has a news clip HERE. The production company, Mechanicals Theatre Group, is prepared and has a plan in place to counter the group.

They ask that you wear a Yellow Ribbon, such as worn at Matthew Shepard’s murder trial all those years ago, in peaceful response to the protesters from this so called church.  Full official statement here from their web site HERE.

Don’t you just “love” them abusing their freedoms of religion and speech to spread a message of hate during the holidays?

2 thoughts on “Wear a Yellow Arm Band in solidarity for Gay Rights”

  1. I’ve heard through the grapevine that the church is mostly made up of lawyers. They plan these protests with the hopes that someone will do something to stop them so that they can take them to court and sue.

    …..or so I hear.

    I have an aunt in Oklahoma who says they protested the funeral of a 9 year old girl (can’t remember why). When they went back to their cars, all their tires were slashed and no one in town would help them. And if you know this town in OK, it’s not exactly close to other areas. VERY expensive tow ride.

  2. The westboro babtist is not a “church”, it is a hate group. They are in it for the money and the press. Most of this “church” are attorneys. If IBM showed up at your door, would they get away with this? No! Any one can say they are a “church”, that is not going to make you a Church! We in this country let a lot pass for “church”. This is not about freedom, it is about being human. They are a danger to our freedom. A country can only be pushed so far.

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