Green Christmas Trees! No, Not That Kind Of Green.

Every Christmas, I have the same problem: How can I have a nice Christmas tree while keeping my carbon footprint tiny?

Seriously: You buy a fake tree, and you’re just adding to the demand for petroleum by-products. Not to mention you’re stuck with a giant piece of perpetually dusty plastic that makes your forearms itch every time you put it up. Real trees are a little better, since they can be mulched after the holidays, but those can be shipped into LA from as far away as Oregon.

Here’s the solution: Rent a live tree that can be re-used year after year. Seriously!

The folks at Living Christmas will deliver a potted tree to your home, then come and pick it up after the festivities are over. They’re located in Los Angeles, with a delivery zone stretching from the Pacific Palisades to Seal Beach. And because the trees stay alive over the holidays, they can be re-used year after year. You can even adopt a tree, so you can have the same tree every year.

Living Christmas has a few rules, but nothing unreasonable; basically, you can’t flock the tree or kill it. The cost is a little more than a cut tree, but you can save money by picking up the tree yourself. And their delivery trucks are biodiesel-fueled, so even the transit impact is low.

I got this year’s tree before I found out about these guys (from the reasonable and friendly folks at Toluca Lake Christmas Trees); otherwise, I’d totally try them out. If anyone out there in readerland decides to check out Living Christmas this year, drop a comment here for our edification.

(Thanks to The ‘Queg for her help with this post.)

5 thoughts on “Green Christmas Trees! No, Not That Kind Of Green.”

  1. Another solution that my neighbors use is buy a tree that they can plant or donate to a park afterwards for planting. That way they get a “real” tree that will live on after the holidays. They’ve been doing that for years as a way to prevent the waste of a live tree for a few weeks of pleasure. Nice ladies they are.

  2. We’re using Living Christmas this year for the first time. They dropped off our tree on Saturday. It’s a little twisty–so expect a full “natural” experience. You’re not going to be picking out the most perfect tree in the lot unless you go get it yourself. But we’re ok with twisty. The guys who dropped off the tree were super nice and put the tree exactly where we wanted it. We got our tree pretty quickly as we only found out about the company on Thursday and put in our order the same night for delivery on Saturday. They also e-mail you when you’re supposed to water the tree taking the guesswork out of that process. And, you can “adopt” the tree so you get the same one next year which might be fun if you have kids.

    In terms of price, it is more expensive than a cut tree but it’s not really more expensive than a potted tree if you were to buy one from a lot/nursery. But, that price was ok because it takes out a lot of hassle for us–a two-door car, stairs leading to the apartment, tree disposal, etc. Again, we’ve only had the tree since Saturday but so far, I’d recommend them.

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