Green Christmas Trees! No, Not That Kind Of Green.

December 8, 2010 at 6:00 am in LA

Every Christmas, I have the same problem: How can I have a nice Christmas tree while keeping my carbon footprint tiny?

Seriously: You buy a fake tree, and you’re just adding to the demand for petroleum by-products. Not to mention you’re stuck with a giant piece of perpetually dusty plastic that makes your forearms itch every time you put it up. Real trees are a little better, since they can be mulched after the holidays, but those can be shipped into LA from as far away as Oregon.

Here’s the solution: Rent a live tree that can be re-used year after year. Seriously!

The folks at Living Christmas will deliver a potted tree to your home, then come and pick it up after the festivities are over. They’re located in Los Angeles, with a delivery zone stretching from the Pacific Palisades to Seal Beach. And because the trees stay alive over the holidays, they can be re-used year after year. You can even adopt a tree, so you can have the same tree every year.

Living Christmas has a few rules, but nothing unreasonable; basically, you can’t flock the tree or kill it. The cost is a little more than a cut tree, but you can save money by picking up the tree yourself. And their delivery trucks are biodiesel-fueled, so even the transit impact is low.

I got this year’s tree before I found out about these guys (from the reasonable and friendly folks at Toluca Lake Christmas Trees); otherwise, I’d totally try them out. If anyone out there in readerland decides to check out Living Christmas this year, drop a comment here for our edification.

(Thanks to The ‘Queg for her help with this post.)

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