Christmas Comes Early To The West Side!

(Or a Hanukkah dream come true, I’m not really sure.)

Scoops Рthat magical place of cold creamy mixes of amazing tastes and flavors Рnow has a second location on the Westside!  They opened December 1 and are probably doing land office business based on the exultations on twitter recently.

They currently have seven flavors and I hear one is pumpkin eggnog. Mmmmmm. Apparently they pour coffee from Intelligentsia as well.

I’m going to keep this simple:
3400 Overland Ave. (Overland Ave and Woodbine)
Open Monday-Saturday 12PM-10PM.
Closed Sundays

(There is a website, but it’s only a temp holding page for now.)

Scoops — it’s not just for hipsters with fixies anymore!

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