ICME: Rowena Reservoir

One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is the constant discovery of new-to-me things. I recently visited a friend in Silver Lake. I parked on St. George Street near Rowena, as I almost always had, but saw something I’d never seen before. (I think it was always dark). What caught my eye was the Rowena Reservoir, referred to as “Fantasy Island” by locals. It’s beautiful! I drove around it to see where to enter and found the gate. It was locked as the public is not allowed into this oasis.

One thought on “ICME: Rowena Reservoir”

  1. A lot of effort went in to putting the water tanks underground and creating such a lovely surface space. Though it may strictly be the DWP’s doing, I’d bet the locals’ unwillingness to put up with the inevitable influx of “outsiders” played a part in the place being made entirely inaccessible.

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