Today May Be the Last Day of the Hollywood Farmers Market

I know, it’s 11:30, you probably just got up, maybe a little hungover, maybe trying to figure out where you’re going to have brunch today, if only you can get yourself out the door.  But, before you do any of that, maybe you can stop by the Hollywood Farmers’ Market.  Because, if The Powers That Be have anything to do with it, today may be the last full day of the market.

The Hollywood Farmers’ Market has proper street permits to operate the market on Sundays at Selma and Ivar in Hollywood, just a few blocks from the Arclight.  The LA Film School happens to be right next door to the market and, as it turns out, they would like street access to the school and a parking lot on Sundays.  They’re asking that the market’s permit not be renewed for that location; if not renewed, the market volunteer was unsure where they would go and whether it would be large enough to accommodate all the current vendors.  If all this seems like it’s coming out of no where, it sort of is: the volunteer also said that this all popped up within the last month, conveniently right as their permits are up for renewal.

There is a hastily organized petition drive at the market now, so you, the farm-fresh-happy shopper can sign and formally object to the closure of one of the best farmers’ market in the city.  GO SIGN THE PETITION!  The market closes at 1!!  Please do.  I prefer this one to even the storied Santa Monica Farmers’ Market – there’s an intimacy of community, it’s small enough so that you’re bound to run into someone you know, and it’s not so crowded that you can’t talk to your farmer about the many ways to prepare a fingerling potato.  And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

For those interested, there also will be a meeting tomorrow at 2pm at the Farmer’s Kitchen.

Photo by JohnnyRokkit via the Blogging LA Flickr pool.

10 thoughts on “Today May Be the Last Day of the Hollywood Farmers Market”

  1. This is really unbelievable, seems that it has to be more than just the FIlm School’s access to the upper part of their parking lot, how many students will be there on Sundays anyhow?? Yeah – it was insane at the market today, w/ a very serious urgency for the petition signings…. But, how did this pop out of nowhere? This is the best Farmer’s Market i’ve ever been to, would really suck if it had to move…

  2. Thanks for the awareness on this…. Hollywood Farmers market is one of the best in the city and we can’t afford to lose it!

  3. That’s to bad I use to love this place.I would go there and just chill everytime I was in LA from Brooklyn,NY that’s really to bad bummer.

  4. I have been going to the market fro 15 years. I say let s picket the film school.
    It would be a shame to lose this market. the school is closed on sundays.During the week I have to put up with their students blocking the sidewalks etc. i say lets all form a protest outside the school

  5. The HFA has been a mainstay for my parents, long time Los Feliz residents for over 20 years. The issue is one of three parking entrances for the LA Film Institute. They should be ashamed of themselves for such a petty issue. They have been making parking revenue every Sunday for years off the HFA. This HFA is the number #1 market in LA. I have been to many over the years and most of them are circuses or carnivals and not true Farmer’s Markets.

    I have some many wonderful experiences with my parents that I are writing LA Bonge and will sign the petition if they put it online. My parents went this weekend and signed it and told me of this disaster. Everyone email La Bonge, sign the petition and call. SAVE THE HFA, it is not too late…they can get a one day permit until a permanent resolution is made.

  6. Any contact with the LA Film School? I get suspicious when nobody speaks with them directly.

  7. Everyone needs to be active in saving the Hollywood Farmers Market. Signing petitions are great, letters are great, but, we need action. The City Council needs to hear from the people that the Market must remain, with all its vendors just as it is.

    We all should sign the petition. We should all write Garcetti’s office.

    We should all be a part of the Save the Hollywood Farmers’ Market Coalition and become a powerful voice and coalition of farmers, producers, artisans, consumers and supporters that work to keep the produce, food and crafts coming into our communities.

    A group is meeting at 9am Dec 14th, 2010 at 200 N Mail St, downtown. Los Angeles City Hall. We will protest outside City Hall, attend a press conference at 10 am and then enter the city council chamber for public comment and on Item #17 on the Council Agenda.

    The Hollywood Farmers’ Market is the “mother ship” for all Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets. When the City begins to allow this market to disappear, then all other markets face the same outcome.

    For more information about how you can be a part of the Save the Hollywood Farmers’ Market Coalition contact Tezozomoc at 800 249-5240 [email protected].

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