Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Tomorrow night is the 28th annual Belmont Shore (not “Shores”) Christmas Parade.  I’ll be honest, I never knew there was a Belmont Shore Christmas Parade.  I didn’t know they did any special celebration.  I wish I had!  I would have been here PLENTY of times!  But I know now and I can NOT  wait.  I’ve been told it’s super fun and cute.

If you plan to attend, I’ve been told you should arrive early.  And parking can be a bitch, so if you’re coming from farther than you can walk, I suggest using Long Beach’s Passport.  It’s a cheap (sometimes free!), easy means of communication through the city.  I am very excited for this.  I’ll be there with some friends.  And as I always say, if you see me (or think you do) flag me down!

4 thoughts on “Belmont Shore Christmas Parade”

  1. Haha, thanks for noting the correct Shore/Shores! And the parade is fun, but it gets packed!

    Do you know about the Naples Christmas Boat Parade? It should be coming up soon also.

  2. You mean the one that starts Dec 11?? :-) Why yes I do! But thanks for the heads up. I’m going to throw a post up about that next week. If you have any photos I can use, I would be grateful. As exciting as the flyers are……..

  3. What’s up Dave! I was thinking of cruising down. Do u live near by? I live in Huntington Harbor and I was thinkin of driving Down and taxi it back, but I know they have all the streets blocked off.

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