It’s A Sign

I love Donny’s home-made sign, not just because it’s so ingenuous, but because it’s so darn refreshing to see signage around me that’s not polished, glossy, and premeditated by a dozen branding consultants in a boardroom in New York.

There’s something about it that makes me wish we all would make more personal, handmade marks upon the spaces we occupy. I’m not talking pissing-contest-spraycan-tagging, which is only to mark territory. I’m talking about us communicating with the people around us. Hey you, out there:  I’m talking to you. I’m reaching out to you. And if you want, I will fix your plumbing, 24 hours a day.

Spotted in Burbank.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Sign”

  1. Go to some poor Mexican or black neighborhoods and you’ll see tons of hand-painted signs, especially for five and dimes, hair salons, and restaurants.

  2. I know…and I love all those hand-painted signs. It just was especially incongruous to see this particular one here, in the middle of a sea of graphically-designed posters, promos and corporate imaging that was in this corner of the shopping center at Hollywood Way & Verdugo. It was like stumbling upon a song on an acoustic guitar in a playlist filled with glossy hi-production Black Eyed Peas & Christina Aguilera songs.

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