Eat My Blog Bake Sale on Saturday!

Delicious petits fours from the spring edition of Eat My Blog.

I’m posting this today as opposed to yesterday because I know y’all were still stuffed from all that Thanksgiving madness.  Now that that’s out of the way, are you ready for, say, bacon caramel brownies; chocolate peppermint bark cookies; lavendar honey shortbread cookies; chocolate nutmeg yule logs; persimmon bread pudding with candied jujube compote and cumin butterscotch (I know, what?!)?  Yes.  You’re ready.

This Saturday marks the third Eat My Blog bake sale, and it’s shaping up to be the best one yet.  Organized by Cathy Chaplin, food bloggers and their more professional brethren will be selling a variety of home-baked goods in the mother of all bake sales, including, but definitely not limited to, all of the above.  Me, I’m contributing Idgie’s Dog Biscuits, my dog’s favorite treats, for all the doggies who, like their masters/BFFs, deserve a little Saturday treat as well (read more about the biscuits here!).  Everything will be priced between $1 and $4, and there will be raffles for wine gift certificates and – !! – a KitchenAid stand mixer.  Best part: all proceeds from the bake sale will benefit the LA Regional Food Bank.

Eat My Blog will be held between 10am and 4pm outside the Tender Greens in WeHo.  This should hold you and your pup over until Christmas, yah?

Eat My Blog bake sale, from 10am to 4pm outside of Tender Greens, 8759 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood.  Check out the entire menu here.  Start salivating now.

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