Unique Christmas Gifts from the Heart…or is it H”art”

Lisa Barrios helps customer with making baby's first foot print in clay.

Lisa Barrio’s owner of Paint “n” Play Studio and Gallery in Monrovia is just the kind of small business typified by the article done this morning by Julia. “PnP” as it is affectionately referred to here in Monrovia, is a small business centered on art you create yourself. It is much more than a small business, it is also a gathering point for many in the community for a variety of reasons, chief which is the personal touch you get from Lisa when you do business with her.

Small Business Saturday is a big deal here in Old Town Monrovia and for Lisa as well. She has a special deal in place for Saturday only, $5 of any Holiday item you purchase, or make including the treasured by many “legacy prints”. (Get a coupon HERE).

According to Barrios she is happy to see Small Business Saturday getting attention for many reasons.

“It is the small business that gives most back to the community it serves. They are the first ones asked to help by non-profits and charities for donations as they know a small business has a heart and doesn’t have the red tape and ‘rig-a-ma-role hoops’ to jump through that a large corporation does”.

A legacy print is a hand print in clay done of a loved ones hand (or foot in the case of infants) into unfired clay then it is fired,  painted and decorated with the help of the PnP staff. These treasures are permanent and can be passed down for generations to come.

Completed "Legacy Prints"

Details: Paint “n”Play 2 Art Studio and Gallery, 418 S Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia CA 91016 626/256-4848  Web Site HERE