Me flying with a Camaro…LA Auto Show’s coolest trick to do. Win Tickets too.

Chevrolet premiered its new Camaro Convertible at the show yesterday.  Among the things set up is this cool photo booth, but not just any photo booth, but one with something like 4 dozen cameras lined up in an arc that increases in height. You jump, the flashes go off and you are captured frozen in flight.  The entire set of images is strung together with a 3d”ish” video of you frozen in flight with the Camaro.  Very cool and very fun.  I predict that this will be hands down the most used interactive display at the show this year.  Its that cool.  When done you can facebook it, twitter it or email it to yourself.  How cool is that?

I have a ticket for 4 lucky winners with this post, but only 4 can win.  Please be sure to include a legit email addy so I can write you for the particulars so your ticket will available for you at will call.

8 thoughts on “Me flying with a Camaro…LA Auto Show’s coolest trick to do. Win Tickets too.”

  1. I’ve never been to an auto show so winning a ticket would be great. Going to take my kids – I’ll deduct their tickets from their allowance J/K.

  2. As a former Camaro owner, this looks pretty exciting! Would love to go, plus I think I will know at least one person there. If I had any children I would bring them.

  3. I’m super excited about the show – was talking about it this morning – can’t wait to see the Volt in person!

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