Who Should Be On LA’s Naughty & Nice Lists?

How would you, dear readers, like to play God?  Ok, so you can’t really, but how about playing the next best thing: Santa Claus?  Yes, yes, we know you want to.  For the last few years, David Markland has asked y’all to suggest who in LA deserves to be crowned the “Grinch of the Year”; this year, we’re expanding on that a bit to highlight both naughty and nice Angelenos.  We’re taking your nominations for both categories; comment below and tell us which or what Los Angeles person, place, or thing should be on this year’s naughty and nice lists. The mayor, your best friend, a great company – the field is wide open so long as it relates to our city.  A few ideas to get you started:

For the naughty list:

For the nice list:

Memory jogged?  Good.  Your turn to make your list and to check it twice.  We’ll highlight a few nominees after we close the polls next Wednesday, November 24.

7 thoughts on “Who Should Be On LA’s Naughty & Nice Lists?”

  1. There is a food truck lot in Santa Monica now, though–Tuesday nights at the Victorian on Main Street.

    For the naughty list, how about whoever shoved that woman onto the Gold Line track. Actually, naughty list isn’t strong enough for that.

  2. Nice list…the entire crew of Foothill Unity Center for all they do to help the poorest of the poor in the SGV. They are going to provide Thanksgiving for 1,400 families as an example of what they do.

  3. NICE! The SoCal (and LA centric) volunteers of Help A Mother Out — spreading the word about poor families who need diapers (they are not covered under food stamps or any social programs). HAMO raises awareness and also does diaper drives to donate to local shelters. All those little bottoms need clean diapers!

  4. My naughty vote goes a statewide person who would have had a big effect on L.A.: Meg Whitman. Specifically, her treatment of her housekeeper. According to the press reports, she employed Nikki for 3 years, then Whitman and her husband received a letter from the Social Security Administration stating that there may be a problem with Nikki’s immigration status. Whitman kept Nikki on for 6 more years, ditching her in 2009, coincidentally, when she started cranking up her run for Governor, and not offering to help by paying for or looking for an immigration attorney.

    When news of the SSA letter surfaced during the campaign, Whitman accused Nikki of stealing the family’s mail, until a copy of the letter showed up with a handwritten note to Nikki from Whitman’s husband at the bottom.Then, just a few days before the election, Whitman stated that her former housekeeper should be deported.

    If Whitman used her married name instead of her maiden name, she would be known, appropriately, as Meg Harsh.

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