Whither the Bronson Ave Easter Island heads?

The Bronson Ave Moai in their glory days, courtesy of Just Above Sunset

I happened to be driving past the intersection of Santa Monica and Bronson today when I remembered that one of my favorite LA landmarks was in the neighborhood. OK, well maybe this isn’t so much a landmark, since it kind of lacks general reknown, but it is a Quirky, Weird, and Kind of Awesome Thing, therefore worth mentioning. On Bronson, just north of Santa Monica, is the CP Three Props Warehouse, which, for, like, ever, had a lineup of giant replica Easter Island Moai that were just strapped to the side of the building, looking awesome and incongruous. Some days they would be there, smiling nobly in the sun, some days they would be gone, like they’d vanished into the mist of some Pacific island (or, more likely, onto a set somewhere). But I could at least count on those Tiki Gods to brighten my day at least every other time I was in the neighborhood.

But then suddenly it seemed like they were never out anymore, and then this summer there was a fire at the warehouse, and today when I went by they were nowhere to be seen. Have I seen the last of the Bronson Avenue Moai? Did they survive the fire, or were they tragically engulfed in flames? On Critiki (your one stop shop for tracking down giant Easter Island heads, apparently) they’ve reported that at least three of them have supposedly survived, which is hopeful, although I haven’t seen them myself. But hopefully one day they will once more grace the streets of Hollywood with their enigmatic presence!