Classic Eats #13: A Great Time Was Had By Two

Last Saturday night was Classic Eats #13 and for a few minutes there, I thought it was going to be just me. But a few minutes later Vampiress joined me and it was a twosome for the evening. And I would like to say, you all missed OUT!

Pann’s is a classic 50’s diner with all the details you love, long counter, big vinyl booths and a menu full of milkshakes. Also classic? The owner, Jim Poulos, son of the original owner George Panagopoulos, who opened the place in 1958. Jim was incredibly friendly, telling us great stories, including one about how his father went to court to legally change their last name to Pann, but was shot down in front of the judge by his wife who said they might have a son named Peter and she would NOT accept the name Peter Pann. The choice became Poulos and the restaurant name is history.

The food goes beyond what you think of as “just diner food.” Every weekend they smoke their own beef and pork for ribs and brisket. They make most of their own breads and biscuits and did I mention the milkshakes? HEAVEN!

The palm trees and neon sign greet you from the parking lot.

The door itself is, um, uh….well I’m not sure what it is (art?) but I know I like it.

Here is the awesome interior taken by Vampiress:

Vampiress has a full flickr set here, check it out!

She ordered the Saturday night special of Brisket and kindly gave me a bite. The BBQ sauce is yummy and the brisket required no knife at all.

I went with the classic Dreamburger and fries.┬áThe fries arrived just the way I like them — extra crunchy! The burger was perfectly cooked and oh so juicy. Mmmmmm.

Then we went wild and ordered milkshakes. Somehow we were so drunk on the creamy dairy goodness we never took a photo! The shakes arrived in the classic tall shake glass with the silver sidecar still half full of milkshake! Lactose intolerant? Wow, stay clear of these! There are about 20 different flavors to choose from. There lots of other fountain desserts as well, but that will have to be another visit.

Then it was time to head over to the Buggy Whip, but as were were both FULL we simply had a soft drink, soaked up the interior and called it a night. The Buggy Whip has some classic signage:

I especially love this sign for the piano player “Fabulous and Talented.” AND talented?? Dude, I’m there. Sadly, we were too early for the musical piano stylings of Peter Wagner. So much to come back for.

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  1. Oh rats – I missed yet another! Every time Classic Eats rolls around, something seems to come up to prevent me from attending. Next time will be different!!

  2. Only 2 of you? I’m so upset that I couldn’t go. I’ve never been there, and I don’t even live far away. But I was covering an event later that evening, and thought that I would be able to make it to Pann’s easily, until the organizers sprung it on me the day before that press registration for their event was at 5:30.

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