Get your Art on this weekend in Inglewood

Inglewood Cultural Arts (ICA), hosts its 4th annual Inglewood Open Studios Tour, Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th from 1-6pm. This is a free event to enjoy the art studios of Inglewood’s own local artists that include established and emerging, self taught, educators and educated artists from local art colleges, including a large number of graduates from nearby Otis College of Art and Design. This event has grown over the last few years and will include a total of 39 artists. More info on the Inglewood Open Studios at their blog HERE.

Traffic and parking can be tough at this event. According to artist Ginger Van Hook this year the city, thanks to Mayor Daniel Tabor, is providing two buses per day to bring people over to all of the studios.

The following is an alphabetical list of participating artists for the 2010 Inglewood Open Studios Tour:  Elliot Agnew, Alex Becerra, Kavin Buck, Ericka Chapman, Anne Cheek La Rose, Claire Cregan, Noelle Cross, W. Don Flores, Edward Ewell, Renée A. Fox, Todd Gray, Holly Harrie, Paul Harrie, Ken Hurbert, Michelle Johnson, Andrew Karl, Sharon Levy, Michael Massenburg, Elizabeth Mauceli, Gale McCall, Daniel Mendel-Black, Chris Mercier, Julia Montgomery, Kenneth Ober, Kour Pour, , Joan Robey, Kyungmi Shin, Dustin Shuler, Stanley Smith, Johnathan Stofenmacher, Cindy Suriyani, Holly Tempo, Corey Thering, Albert Valdez, Ginger Van Hook, Luke Van Hook, MonaLisa Whitaker, Joey Wolf.

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Thanks to artist Ginger Van Hook for the tip on this weekends event and providing me with the  graphics used in this post.

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