L.A.’s Mystery Missile: You Name the Source

The “mystery missile” which appeared off the coast west of Los Angeles on Tuesday is still a mystery in the minds of many. The Department of Defense first said “we don’t know what it is but it wasn’t us” while at the same time NORAD said the flying object posed no threat to the U.S. I’m not sure how both those statements could have been true simultaneously.  The Pentagon now says that the “missile” wasn’t a missile at all, but a jet, the contrails of which sometimes appear to be traveling vertically in the sky when in fact they are traveling horizontally.  However, neither the Pentagon nor the FAA has identified the particular airplane or flight.  And, looking at the video, I have to say it looks like a missile launched from below, not an airplane streaking across the sky.  That’s what Amb. Robert Ellsworth, a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, also seems to think:


The somewhat blase attitude of many people for the past couple of days regarding the Mystery Missile is interesting, and possibly refreshing. Does it mean we are all jaded? If we were in the Cold War 1950s and 60s, there probably would have been a major panic about the Russkies invading, and our Nike Missile defense system might have been activated.

However, if you are unsatisified as to the Pentagon’s somewhat vague explanation and would prefer to indulge in conspiracy other theories, let’s hear them.  I am soliciting guesses as to the true source of L.A.’s Mystery Missile. Was it:

A. A U.S. submarine-based missile test firing that the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about;
B. A missile test-fired from a sub from China, North Korea, or another foreign country;
C. A jet;
D. Aliens escaping from Area 51;
E. Meg Whitman leaving her secret villain’s lair in her escape capsule (h/t to Mike Winder’s Facebook friend for that one); or
F. Something else?

15 thoughts on “L.A.’s Mystery Missile: You Name the Source”

  1. it was a foregin nation testing our defense system to see if the missile would be shot out of the sky or not. Scary shit.

  2. chemtrails my friends ……wait a few days and people are going to get sick….
    this would work like a dirty bomb…..

  3. There is no way in hell another Nation’s navy could come into or near US waters and test fire missiles, they’ll detect that from space in a instant.

    This is 2010 not 1950, and the military is always ahead in tech over what they release to civilians.

  4. Dave, I hope you waited at least 2 weeks after moving to LB to launch your missile. That’s proper LB missile etiquette.

  5. That was the final sign to the Chinese, that we can nuke ’em when they don’t stop flooding the US with plastic consumer crap of all kind nobody never needs.

  6. Joke all you want, but it’s pretty serious when ALL the USA government doesn’t know what the hell is going on, or won’t tell us. One of the main duties of the Federal Government is to provide PROTECTION to it’s citizens.

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