Hi From Long Beach!

Well hello Los Angeles!  Oh how I’ve missed you.  What?  You mean I’ve been away for so long you don’t remember me?  Allow me to refresh your memory.  I’m that guy who was born and raised in the Valley, Burbank/Toluca Lake to be exact, then moved down behind the Orange Curtain for 9 years.  In that time I began writing for a little blog called OC Metblogs.  Oh you remember me now?  Great!

The Lone Sailor at the end of my street, keeping watch over the harbor.
The Lone Sailor at the end of my street, keeping watch over the harbor.

For the rest of you, my name is Dave.  I have been a huge fan of LA Metblogs Blogging.la since not long after it was started.  I remember reading it thinking “Man, I’d love to write for them.”  But alas, I lived in Orange County.  Then I discovered OC Metblogs, which I know you all read daily, right?  Right??

Cruise ships, cranes, Spruce Goose hangar and Queen Mary. Pretty much sums it up.
Cruise ships, cranes, Spruce Goose hangar and Queen Mary. Pretty much sums it up.

Recently I finished my schooling to be a Registered Nurse and landed a job at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance.  Immediately the wife and I saw this as our opportunity to move to LA.  Back for me, first time for her.  We’ve both always wanted to live in Long Beach and we found an amazing place.  So here I am!  There’s just one thing.  While I can get all around the Westside, Downtown, the Eastside, the Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and Orange County like nobody’s business, I know NOTHING of the South Bay.  And from what I can gather, most of LA doesn’t either.  In fact, when I was with OC Metblogs, I was given permission to post about the Long Beach Grand Prix (which I will cover in full this year) because many people consider Long Beach to be practically Orange County anyway.  Which, I can tell you after having been here 2 months, couldn’t be further from the truth!

Wyland bringing some OC flavor up north.
Wyland bringing some OC flavor up north.

So, if it’s OK with you, I’d like to take y’all along for the ride as I explore this amazing community South of the 405 and West of the 605.

Oh, and I’ve included a little tasting menu of what’s to come via my camera.

Thanks!  :-Dave

A unique skyline for a unique city.
A unique skyline for a unique city.

14 thoughts on “Hi From Long Beach!”

  1. Yay Dave! Welcome! I was just in Long Beach for Comic-Con and want to explore the area more. Looking forward to your recommendations.

  2. I grew up in the LBC. Let me know if you want any recommendations! I moved to the Westside a few years back, and there’s a lot about Long Beach that I miss.

  3. Welcome, Dave! I think your coverage of the LB area & parts of the South Bay will be a great addition to blogging.la, & will allow us to spread our wings outside of the L.A. city limits. I have a couple of good friends in LB & spend time there regularly, most recently for a Halloween party. It’s a really fun place, and there’s always something interesting and colorful going on there. And they have a Roscoe’s!

  4. Hurray! I moved to Long Beach recently as well after living in OC for ~10 years. But I’m a total “bridge and tunnel” L.A. resident and always have been, thus I follow all L.A. culture blogs like this one. Will be great to get a local perspective on this website.

  5. Thanks everyone! Look forward to sharing!

    @Evan- You’re right on both accounts. I was generalizing regarding south of the 405, but I do know about the Signal Hill/Bixby Knolls area. Lakewood too (they have Cowboy Country after all……don’t judge). And someone else just made sure I always say Belmont Shore (no “s”). As I live there, I must get it right!

  6. This is the first “Blog” I’ve ever read…nice job son! I’m glad that you’ve taking a stronger interest in our city’s history–as you know, I love our city’s history and can gab forever, and ever. Great! Job here. You never cease to amaze me!

  7. Being a Long Beach resident (born and raised) and an avid b.la reader, I’m really looking forward to seeing you cover my neck of the woods! Long Beach has lot of rich history and culture to offer anyone willing to give it a chance.

  8. Dave–is Cowboy Country the bar on South Street near Downey? If so, I always remember that as the Silver Bullet, which was a location in “Thelma and Louise.”

  9. Im glad you want to be a part of the LBC {my home town} and i am glad you have some enthusiasm to get events out in the public BUT …

    Long beach is not OC [quit saying that] and it for damn sure is not the SOUTH BAY. Long Beach gas its own blogs that bring all the info at the click of a button. You should get with them ! As much as i love LA metblogs [and i do!] this just isnt their beat.

    So, that being said enjoy the shore and keep long beach independant. PLEASE !

  10. @evan- Right around there yeah. I think it’s off Cherry, right by the 91.

    @deryke- I’ve been saying it’s LA from the beginning, it’s only some lesser informed LA folk that would consider it Orange County (I’ll admit all the OC apartment magazines around don’t exactly help :-P). I hope to educate them in my travels.
    I do apologize for the “South Bay” reference. After asking the Long Beach City PR Rep, I have learned that “South Bay” coverage ends at Long Beach. I will, from now on, say that I cover the South Bay, Long Beach and surrounding areas.
    As far as this not being LA Metblogs’ “beat,” that’s not really true. Blogging.la covers all of LA County. This is what makes the site so popular. I know I personally have discovered things from all over that I didn’t know existed until I read it here (and in other cities on the network), and now those things I’ve found are my favorite things to do. I understand your love for the area, but segregating it to Long Beach only blogs really isn’t beneficial. That’s like Universal Studios promoting their theme park to their employees and the residents of Universal City. It just doesn’t make much sense. There is so much for this city to offer. I would hope that you would be excited to share the fun intricacies of your home town. You can’t shut me up with my fun (see: endless, annoying, trivial) facts about Burbank/Toluca Lake.

    And for the record, I won’t be just covering Long Beach. San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Redondo/Manhattan/Hermosa Beaches and surrounding areas are really neat too.

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