New NFL Stadium Finally Coming?

A brand new NFL stadium right next to L.A. Live. Los Angeles hosting the Super Bowl in 2016. The World Cup in 2022. Bigger conventions. More jobs.

AEG’s Tim Leiweke is talking about it. Exciting, no?

Already, there are fears of gridlock, declining property values, and general mayhem from some of the self-proclaimed pioneer loft-dwellers. Here are but a few comments from Curbed:

I think it would bring gridlock for days—–and make the area less pedestrian friendly.

Its not like we have a lot of available open space around here. i’m not opposed to commercial, but a stadium seems to big. nothing green around there.

I love living downtown but bringing in the sporting low life that comes with 10’s of thousands of football fans can destroy downtown.

My favorite complaint that I hear whenever something new is being developed Downtown, is about someone “losing the view” from their building. Because everyone moves to the heart of a city for sunshine and rolling meadows. Peace and quiet. Solitude.

I’m curious to know what you think. Is this a good idea? If you live Downtown, are you are for or against an NFL stadium/event center being built next to L.A. Live?

6 thoughts on “New NFL Stadium Finally Coming?”

  1. Last I heard the new stadium was set to be built on the far fringes of Eastern LA County with Industry getting the cite and Walnut/Diamond Bar yelling NIMBY and fighting it because of traffic etc., it would generate.

    Build it downtown. Works for me, plenty of dead space of falling down buildings and decay on the other side of the freeway right across from the Convention Center and Staples. Build it and see what happens, I hope it attracts a Team and fans for it to make it worth the while. (Recollection was that poor fan attendance was one of the factors in losing the Rams in the first place).

  2. Where would they put it?

    As someone living downtown (6th & Flower… which is only three blocks from 7th & Fig to begin with) I’d vote a big, big “No”. Not because it would ruin any view (I’m looking at office buildings now–the only real view downtown is from high over the basin, and a stadium wouldn’t block that) but because it would both create gridlock for cars and make the area less pedestrian-friendly at the same time.

    A stadium is designed to bring in a huge group of people and then dismiss them at regular intervals–not adding anything lasting, constructive, or actually part of downtown. And not something this area is logistically designed to accommodate. I’m hoping for more people living downtown (and the night and weekend hours for businesses that would go with that), not fewer.

    The L.A. basin is *huge*. Surely there’s a far more sane place to put it than right downtown?!?

  3. As much as I would love the stadium to be near LA Live, there is not enough space and it would make traffic horrible! Traffic is already a mess in downtown. The public transportation in the area is not up to par either. Until we fix the freeway problems or have a better, more used trolley/subway system… i vote no.

    My vote goes to the huge City of Industry spot they propsed with this layout:

    It may be a bit out of the heart of LA, but maybe that’s a good thing.

  4. There already was a stadium sorta downtownish. It’s called the LA Coliseum. And traffic sucks when football happens there. And it would be terrible smack downtown too. The best place for a football stadium in LA is…not in LA.

  5. That particular area does seem a bit packed already. I hope the city planners are leaving enough space for rioting.

  6. Put it on the west side of the 110 and give some love to that side of the freeway. Save a few bucks in the process and give some of the area small businesses some help.

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