Timelapsification: Rockin’ Arroyo

October 31 was such a lovely day — and with the yard fully ghoulified and a few hours to slay before any trick-or-treaters arrived, it was all the better to go for a long bike ride to test out the timelapse capability of ┬ámy new GoPro cam.

My unplanned route ended up incorporating the “supersecret” ped/bike path that parallels the 110 Freeway between Chavez Ravine and Cypress Park, but then I detoured onto the LA River bed where my immediate proximity to the mouth of the Arroyo Seco left me no choice but to see what it would be like to ride upstream along its bed.

See for yourself (might make for an interesting group ride one of these days — who’s in!?):


PS. My entire trip totaled about 26 miles, but the cam’s memory filled up about a third of the way out where this vid stops. Sigh, 4-gig SD cards just ain’t what they used to be.

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