Classic Eats #13: Polls are still open!

As of this very moment (the moment in which I’m writing, not the moment in which you are reading) The LAX Adjacent option is leading the polls! Bahooka is a sorta close second and also participating: Traxx/Philippe’s.

If you haven’t voted – DO IT! If you have voted, thank you and please coerce all your regular friends and lizard friends to join in.

Classic Eats #13 is Saturday, November 6 and our theme is: Post Election Comfort Eating. No matter who or what you voted for on November 2, let’s all get together and celebrate with or cry into some comforting classic LA eats.

The evening will begin at approximately 5-5:30pm (depending on where we go) You have three candidates/propositions to choose from (see below) and when you have decided, please click here to vote!

No matter where we go, I look forward to seeing you there! Vote Vote Vote!

Downtown Delights

I’m pulling up a classic night from the Classic Eats archive: Classic Eats #2 from January 2009. This was such a great combo, I want to do it again! We will start at that awesome LA Landmark: Union Station and have a lovely cocktail at Traxx Bar while admiring the fab spanish/deco train station. Many of you ride the rails in LA so you have probably been to/through Union Station a few times. It’s like stepping back in time. And Phillipe’s is over 100 years old, which is OLD for LA, so let’s go dipping!

Union Station (Traxx)

Off The Hook: Bahooka

This might be a trek for some of you, but hey, it’s going to be so worth it! This place is INSANE! Born in 1967, full of fish tanks and fish of every color and type and size, wacky giant sized tikis and even crazier flaming drinks. I’d never heard about it until recently, but dang, it looks worth the trip! I can’t do it justice. Click that link!

4501 N. Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 285-1241 -or- (626) 285-7514

LAX Adjacent: Pann’s and The Buggy Whip

If you’ve raced to catch a plane, speeding along La Tijera from mid-city, you’ve seen both Pann’s and The Buggy Whip. Maybe you’ve promised yourself “One of these days I’ll leave enough time to stop in.” Now’s your chance! Pann’s has been a Googie landmark and family owned since 1958. They’ve got excellent, classic diner food, served in an excellent, classic diner. It’s so classic that movies shoot there often. You may recall Pulp Fiction’s diner scene…?? That was Pann’s. Just look at all that Googie Goodness! The Buggy Whip is a classic red velvet booth, live piano player, bar/lounge/restaurant/banquet room all in one. It’s been named one of the best steak places in LA and is a bit pricey to prove it. I thought it best to start at Pann’s then mosey over to the ‘Whip for a post dinner cocktail or dessert in the lounge. I’m hoping there is a giant brandy snifter on the piano for tips…

6710 La Tijera Blvd
LA 90045

The Buggy Whip
7420 La Tijera Blvd.
LA 90045
(310) 645-7131