It Caught My Eye: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Spotted on the 10 westbound yesterday as my wife Susan and I were returning from an awesome daytrip spent enjoying all things apple from among the various orchards of the Oak Glen Growers Association near Yucaipa. Even better, as we pulled alongside, the driver and passenger were in full Ghostbusters uniform — no doubt speeding toward their next encounter fantastic with the ectoplasmatic!

And yes, while a Mercury Sable wagon doesn’t pack the same punch as an old ’50s Caddy ambulance, kudos to these most excellent folks from Inland Empire Ghostbusters (from the I to the E to the G to the B — holla!) both for keeping us safe from being slimed and for getting my week before Halloween started in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Who Ya Gonna Call?”

  1. Ha, Lynda, nice coincidence and thanks for asking. I was going to try and post about Oak Glen later this week.

    We hand-picked some winesap apples from the 100-year-old trees of the Willowbrook orchard, and also brought back bags of granny smiths and braeburns from the Snowline orchard. Suffice it to say we have apples for days — months even.

    PS. There Will Be Pies.

  2. I don’t have any apples in my house and just reading about them reminds me of all the apple recipes (from choucroute garnie to winter squash with apples [the rain’s effect, no doubt) to an apple strudel…having failed to master the skill of making a decent pie crust) which means it’s time to hit a local farmers market.
    I checked out the website (link in your article) but I didn’t find a map or driving directions. I know I can look it up online but a hint to the people at Oak Glen–directions/map are a real plus on a website.
    Now to find someone to share the drive out there with me…

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