L.A. Goes Country. Win Tickets For Vince Gill!

Photo by Truejustice, used under Creative Commons.

Los Angeles, I know you’ve said it before. “I like all kinds of music. Well, except for hardcore Scandinavian death-metal/polka mash-ups and, ugh…country.” I know you’ve said it, because I said it myself. Then, when I wasn’t looking, I started liking a little country music. Then a lot. At first I thought it was what some would call a “guilty pleasure,” but then I realized I didn’t feel all that guilty about it. It turns out, I like a little twang in my tunes.

Truth be told, up until a few months ago, I really didn’t know much about Vince Gill. I bought tickets for the Fourth of July fireworks spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl, and it just happened that Gill was the featured artist that night with the Hollywood Bowl orchestra. I became a fast fan, though. Vince Gill is a pretty darn good guitar player, and one hell of a songwriter. It was a great show. Hence my excitement about seeing him this week at a much more intimate venue like Club Nokia.

Thanks to our friends at Goldenvoice, I’m able to offer you an opportunity to see Vince Gill, too.

What: Vince Gill in concert.
When: Friday, 22 October 2010. 8:00pm.
Where: Club Nokia, at the LA Live complex. Downtown Los Angeles.

I’ve got several pairs of tickets for lucky Blogging.LA readers. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me you want to go to the show, and what your guilty pleasure is, whether country music or whatever else.

Don’t want to take a chance on winning tickets? You can buy tickets online here.

Enter now, and I’ll see you there Friday night. I’ll be the guy in the cowboy boots and Pølka Dêthmöngerz t-shirt.

7 thoughts on “L.A. Goes Country. Win Tickets For Vince Gill!”

    1. He’s voice is second to none in country music……I still get goose bumps when I hear the song I still believe in you. I think I met my first ex-wife in a country bar when I asked her to dance to that song….. I still really like the song.

  1. His technical abilities simply knock me off my feet, he’s outstanding. Guilty pleasure: Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton (I know,i know…im not proud)

  2. I was raised in the south and growing up I have to say meeting Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins and George Jones were highlights of my childhood. Vince has been around for a long time coming in after the gentleman mentioned above, but can he can swing with the best of them. I have never seen Vince rock it on stage and it would be a pleasure.

  3. My best friend saw Vince Gill perform…his act is incredible. He’s a gifted entertainer devoted to his fans. A true artist who’s personality and lifestyle is one we can admire. I’d love to see his show and will drive through downtown traffic to do it! My guilty pleasure? Stealing away time from my children and going with my husband to see Vince Gill perform.

  4. Been following Vince Gill for years. Still have my cassette tapes of his music! What a great pleasure it would be to see this incredible musician with the angelic tenor voice. My guilty pleasures are watching reality shows and Gossip Girls, even though I’m no teenager (the cassette tapes give it away).

  5. I want to take my love to the concert. He is working so hard every day to make ends meet, and we’re both musicians and huge country music fans, so it would be PERFECT to be able to surprise him with a couple of tickets (that we unfortunately can’t afford to buy at the time…). It’s as simple as that.

    Oh, and my guilty pleasure: Britney Spears… (yeah yeah, I know!)

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