Menu Mining: Chilaquiles at Hugo’s

I try.  I really do.  Every time I go to Hugo’s in West Hollywood for breakfast, I try and order something other than the addictive Chilaquiles.  They have an amazing dish, “Pasta Mama” which I always urge my friends to order so I can have a bite or two…. it’s super delish.  Or the Green Tamales with eggs.  Or the enticing Eggs Benedict.  They are always amazing.

But I always go back.  Like a lover you just can’t leave, even though you KNOW they might be bad for you…the whomp of caloric intake is waaay more than you need…. mmm. Chilaquiles. Yummy! Just tastes so good!

The sweet first taste of the soft eggs with the perfect crunch of tortilla’s smothered with chipotle sauce and onions.  Slightly crispy, endearingly soft.  Like a lover’s caress, hard to resist!

I first went to Hugo’s 27 years ago when I was a production assistant.  I was in charge of taking a crew of 20 Rock n’ Roller type guys fresh off the plane from London to breakfast. We hit Hugo’s and from then on the crew refused to go anywhere else. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. We were there. Back then it was a butcher shop/combo deli/ restaurant. They made the most amazing fresh rolls topped with butter right out of the oven. Again, hard to resist.

These days it’s still a family owned restaurant with the son and some his friends running it and the one in the valley. And if you go, don’t miss this dish. It may not look like much, but wait til the first bite! You won’t look back.

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  1. Thank god they opened their Atwater Village outpost for us eastsiders – that honey chipotle is insanely good.

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