Continued fight against Vulcan Mining needs financial help.

Let me bring you up to speed.  Vulcan Mining won round one in their quest to expand west of  the environmentally sensitive Fish Canyon area.  The mayor of Azusa voted no on the expansion but was overridden by the city clowncil that unanimously voted “yes”.  The city of Duarte is litigating the matter on the grounds that the environmental impact to the community and the SGV as a whole was ignored and the EIR is flawed. A group of Azusans calling themselves “Azusans against Mining Expansion” collected enough signatures for their ballot initiative to end the expansion by putting it to community vote.

The Azusans Against Mining Expansion need funds to win the election.  To that end they are having fund raiser this Sunday, September 19 at the American Legion Hall.  All the details on their web site HERE.

Seriously, this group needs help.  Vulcan Mining has already been pouring money into fighting this proposition by hiring its own huge PR firm and soliciting people in the community to support the defeat of the proposition even before Azusans Against Mining Expansion got the signatures on the petition approved for the ballot.  They are limitless in resources and AAME needs all the help they can get to win.

The dust and grit in the area is bad enough in the area without them adding to the problem.  Along the Lario Trail it is most evident, but it gets blown all over the SGV adding to our air quality problems.

I’m off my soap box on the topic for now.  Go back to planning your weekend, but seriously if you can help them out add it to your weekend activities.

2 thoughts on “Continued fight against Vulcan Mining needs financial help.”

  1. the fact any kind of mining is accepted inside the county is unbelievable. I ride my bike through there often, the dust is everywhere. i hope we can stop it.

  2. Due to pressure, the fundraiser was canceled. Watch for future fundraisers and contact us if you wish to help save our beautiful San Gabriel Mountain Foothills from destruction.

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