Is there room in your heart and home for Kitters and Woody?


Kitters and Woody have recently been orphaned. They have been the constant companions of a dear woman, Judi, who has lost her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. does sometimes try to find homes for various and sundry animals, and I’m hoping someone out there will want to adopt these sweet kittehs. As we all know, shelters are full of unwanted and abandoned cats!

Here’s what my friend Cammy says about these two love cats:


Kitters is the female calico.  She’s very shy and a bit skittish, we have to admit.  Maybe it is due to her ‘fight’ with a car about 6 years ago that cost kitty her tail.  Thankfully, that is all she lost, and other than missing her tail, to everyone’s knowledge, she is in fine health.  She’s about 8 years old, and is spayed.

Woody, the tuxedo male, is sort of the comic relief to Kitters, as he is very social, and quite the talker.  I think he told me once that he wouldn’t mind if he never saw the inside of another shelter, which is where he came from originally before being adopted by Judi.  He is also in good  health, neutered, and about 8 years old.

Both Kitters and Woody are indoor cats.  If it’s okay with their new people, they will be accompanied by a bit of baggage — two scratching posts and an electric cat box.

Thank you for any help you can offer in finding a new place for Kitters and Woody to live out their lives and share their love.

Contact Katherine :  [email protected]

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