GTD This Weekend: Rajskub, Burlesque & Pickles

Oh my, are there many things to do this weekend.

Not entirely sure what's going on here, but you'll have your chance to take your photo with an Uglydoll on Saturday.


  • Chloe O’Brien was to 24 what Sue Sylvester is on Glee: a much needed relief from the overdramatic shenanigans of the main characters.  Mary Lynn Rajskub played Chloe by imagining her as a cross between Darlene Connor and Debbie Downer, a characterization that worked in part because Rajskub was able to draw upon her experience in comedy before joining 24. From now through October, Rajskub is performing in her own stand-up show, Mary Lynn Spreads Her Legs, at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Feliz.  As the title suggests, Rajskub focuses on the sometimes obscenely frustrating aspects of motherhood – the thought of killing your kid is no laughing matter, except when it is – and how to communicate (or not) those frustrations to your decidedly more blase partner.  Lest you think she’s trying to shed her days at CTU, she acts out her failed attempt to scare her baby in nursing by channeling her inner and outer Chloe O’Brien.   Not all of the routine sticks, but when it does, you’re stuck.  Overall, it’s funny, it’s quite ballsy, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better entertainment for the price.  $20 (but only $10 for upcoming shows via Goldstar).  The show runs Fridays and Saturdays through October 30th at the Steven Allen Theater in Los Feliz.
  • My better dressed friends remind me that Friday is FNO, which apparently is not a new boy band, but Fashion’s Night Out.  A nationwide event inviting you to beat the recession blues by engaging in some retail therapy, FNO is a one-night extravaganza in which stores I’m not cool enough to patron have fashion shows and killer sales.  Participating stores seem to be mostly on the Westside, i.e., West Third Street, Beverly, Robertson, and Melrose, etc.  To paraphrase Tim Gunn, I guess most of us east of La Brea can not “make it work.”  Because I’m not quite the fashionista that  glossy mags insist I become, I’m going to point you over the official website for a full rundown of the town’s FNO events.
  • Regardless of what you end up doing on Friday night, what better way than to end it than by watching the first rated R movie I ever saw in the theater, Terminator 2?  It’s one of the best action flicks of all time, and the various LA locales provide awesome pre- and post-apocalyptic backdrops.  $10.50.  It’s called a midnight show because that’s when it screens, at the Nuart in West LA.


  • One of the best parts of my trips to Mississippi was the food.  Sure, it was fried 99% of the time, and at the end of each week, I felt bloated and constipated, but it was all worth it.  For those who want to spend the afternoon lazing away with the foods of Mississippi – fried catfish, BBQ ribs, authentic hush puppies, and non-McDonald’s Sweet Tea – hit up Elysian Park around 1pm for the 34th Annual Mississippi Picnic in LA.  Southern bands will entertain while you grub.  The only thing missing is Mark Twain steamboating down the Mississippi River at sundown.  $25 (cash), which includes food and entertainment.  Picnicking starts at 1pm at Montecillo De Leo Politi Park on Stadium between Scott and Academy Road, Elysian Park.
  • If you’re looking to get out of the country and head south below the border instead, head on over to Baja Night.  As I posted yesterday, Ricky’s Fish Tacos and Mexicali will be side by side, dishing out the very best of Baja-style fish and meat tacos.  See you there.  Pay as you eat.  The grilling starts at 6pm and goes until the food runs out, at the parking lot at 1st and Beaudry in Downtown.
  • The Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture begins Saturday and ends Sunday in San Pedro.  Partake in a little culture via food, live music, and even live art.  $7, tickets online and at the door.  The festival runs 10am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro.
  • Courtney Cruz and her buxom band of burlesque dancers are back with their artful striptease at the Bordello Bar.  The theme of the night is “Ladies of Sci Fi”, giving life to all your fanboy/girl dreams of seeing Ripley, Barabarella, and Aeon Flux nearly nekkid.  $13.  Doors open at 9pm at the Bordello Bar, 901 E. First Street, Downtown.
  • If you prefer Uglydolls over the Superhotdolls above, head over to the Giant Robot store on Sawtelle.  The store will host a reception for Photos from the Uglyverse, a gallery featuring the work of Uglydoll masterminds David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.  The pair will be on hand to sign autographs, although, honestly, I am way more excited at the prospect of taking a photo with the life-size Uglydoll that will be scaring/delighting the children. Free.  The reception starts at 6:30 and ends at 10pm at the Giant Robot (GR2) Store on 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard.


  • In a pickle?  Exclusive supper club organizers Chicks with Knives presents Perishable: A Pop-Up Pickle Shop at the unlikely location of Starry Kitchen downtown.  For $5 (cash), you’ll learn how to pickle, then can nosh on a few pickled-inspired appetizers and drinks.   Pickling kits and jarred organic pickles will be available for sale.  $5 entrance fee.  If you want in on the workshop, get to Starry Kitchen at the California Plaza by 11am; the event goes on until 2pm.
  • Scotland gave us more than the low-key indie alt band Belle & Sebastian; no, the land of the kilts also gave us dreamy rock band Mogwai.  A short, 45-minute documentary focused on the band’s three night residency in a Williamsburg theater will be screened for free at The Echo. Screening is at 7:30pm at The Echo in Echo Park.  RSVP on their Facebook page here.

Photo of two guys, an Uglydoll, and a Comic Con courtesy Seyek and made available under a Creative Commons license.

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