ICME: Audi Pinto?

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Must be some great cosmic joke I’ve missed, but this Audi A4 driver felt compelled to paste on Pinto decorations on his back side.  Maybe the same reason a Bentley owner is running around LA with a Hyundai grill ornament in place?  Dressing down is the new black?  Anyone with an idea as to why they did it?  Just call me curious.

3 thoughts on “ICME: Audi Pinto?”

  1. Maybe the owner’s name is Pinto…and/or he thinks he’s a stud…
    Some people are young/foreign enough that they don’t know that much about the Pinto…same way there’s a generation that thinks a VW Beetle is (only) a modern VW model…
    I hope someone replies with the actual answer…and the owner can say, ‘Hey, my car was on this blog, I’m famous’

  2. I think it’s shorthand for “the silly Pinto blows up on rear impact, while the Audi merely surges forward uncontrollably.”

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