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  1. a friend sent me this link… that’s my CUBE! My CUBE is famous! It’s surreal when your friends send you links to bloggers talking about your license plate…

    I am glad you get it – so many people ask and I have to explain!

  2. Hey Shell, how funny. And yes, you can usually count on blogging.la to get it when a lot of other people don’t. We pride ourselves on getting it. :-)

    1. And now the “rest of the story.”
      It actually comes from an episode of Reno 911… we just heard it and thought, that’s it, if I ever have a personalized plate, that is what it will say.

      Here is the transcript.

      Terry is Reno’s favorite male prostitute… played by Nick Swardson, who is always hysterical…

      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Hey Terry, Sherrifs Department!
      Terry: Hey Guys!
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Heyy.
      Terry: Whats goin down?
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Well, I’ll tell ya whats goin down Terry, You know that they’ve installed a camera right here at this redlight here.
      Terry: Oh My god!
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Yeah, and it takes a picture whenever someone runs a redlight.
      Terry: Oh wow that’s awesome, It’s like the future is here.
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: It is awesome.
      Deputy Travis Junior: So you know why we’re here?
      Terry: Why was there a fire?
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: You’ve been chargin’ three bucks, you run up when the car is at a red light, and you give a H.J. during the redlight.
      Terry: Oh my god, that sounds, that’s not something that I would ever do.
      Deputy Travis Junior: Except we’ve got about…
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: We got about 38 photos of you and that’s only last night.
      Terry: Well, I can see how you would think that, But I sell… oranges.
      Deputy Travis Junior: You sell oranges?
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: You sell oranges?
      Terry: Mmhm!
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: I’ll take some.
      Deputy Travis Junior: Yeah, I’d like some too.
      Terry: I’ve sold out, I’ve sold out of my oranges… I run out and people are like Beep Beep, I go okay, and say you’re driving and I just put it in their laps.
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Well…
      Deputy Junior: I dont know about that.
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Come on Terry.
      Terry: I cant, I have to call my girlfriend… listen I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
      Begins tugging Terry away on his roller skates
      Deputy Travis Junior: We’re talking about you giving hand jobs at three bucks a pop at this redlight up here that’s what we’re talking about.
      Terry: Okay okay, a hand job is still a job okay?
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Come on easy does it, Xanadu it right into the car.
      Terry: You Xana-Don’t it!
      Lieutenant Jim Dangle: Did he just say “Xana-Don’t it?”

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