Collaborative Art at the final Art Walk for the summer in Monrovia

Blank Canvas at 7 PM.

Imagine two blank canvases on a sidewalk.  Each started by just one artist then letting the brushes loose on whomever happened to stop by who expressed an interest in what we were up to.  We, as in yours truly and artist Heather Shaw started the ball rolling with the blank canvases by painting in the under color blocks and letting it rip from there.  Then we switched and started the collaborative painting portion of the live demo at the Monrovia Association of Fine Art’s last Art Walk of the summer.

We had no plan on what to do, it was all predetermined to let it be spontaneous explorations of color, line and contrast.  As each passer by stopped to gawk we invited them to take a brush and join us.  We had random people and some accomplished artists join in adding bits and pieces sometimes radically changing the direction a painting was going.  Kids even stopped in and they saw through what the grown ups had done and started their own direction with faces in the chaos of one of the paintings.

Artist Tyger Jimmy adds in floating martini glasses.
Hyperactive artist Rousanna Berberian attacks the canvas with bold reds and blacks to alter the composition.
Nate takes a stab at adding details to another set of martini glasses.
Passerby Louis decides a pond needs to be added to the painting.
Couple of random kids see through the vibrant chaos created by Rousanna and make smiley faces.

The final paintings once dried will be auctioned off at a MAFA event with the proceeds going to fund the various art or art education events in the local communities.

Finally, for those of you who missed the Summer Art Walks you can get a feel for what transpires in this documentary shot at the July Art Walk. It was done by Gloria Locke for a project she was working on for SCVTV CHANNEL 20, from SCV-Arts & Entertainment, an art organization in the Santa Clarita Valley.

All pics by me, do embiggen a little, forgive the quality as they were done with my trusty old cell phone.

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  1. Awesome idea to begin with the blank canvas and let the paint brushes have the fun and the freedom to express what each passing artist has to contribute. Veeerrryyy interesting concept…this paint off! I like it! Hey where’s the like button!

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