My Alibi isn’t all that’s Shaky

First of all, this isn’t a duplicate of Travis’s post about Shaky Alibi on Beverly at Martel.

As Tenacious D would say it, “This is just a tribute.”

And tribute-worthy they both are: Shaky Alibi for what is arguably the best waffle I’ve ever had (and let’s be honest – Friends, I’ve had some waffles), and Travis – well, for just being Travis, goddammit.

… Yes, It’s been a long time between posts for me. Let’s just say I’ve been busy and move forward.

Fitting my return post is about food, and about how just when you think you already know everything great about the Wonderful Town of Ours, somebody turns you on to another way to eat a waffle.

At Shaky Alibi you can have them sweet OR savory, and both are pretty freaking orgasmic. And those globules of sugar nestled in the waffle ensure that syrup need not apply. Which for my mind makes this Health Food.

The place was packed today at 11am, but by the time Travis and I were on our second double espresso it was completely empty. Suddenly.

WTF? I had a shower – turns out they RAN OUT OF DOUGH. But they still have the shots of Drinking Chocolate – yeah I said it.

The bad news is there will be no waffles til tomorrow (the dough takes a day and a half to make; I know because I offered them my kitchen), but the good news is the chick is driving in a fresh load of sea salt caramel ice cream from Santa Barbara as of noon today….

Oh those sugar nodules....

2 thoughts on “My Alibi isn’t all that’s Shaky”

  1. Nice to see you back…and wtf I wasn’t invited to join on my last Bye Saturday until next who-knows-when. Looks like it was some good eats.

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