Win Tickets To Rare Screening Of ‘Rottweiler’ in 3-D


We’re giving away tickets to an ultra-rare 3-D screening of theĀ 80s indie horrorĀ film Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell. The event is being presented by the LA3DClub this coming Sunday, August 29 at 7:30 pm at the Downtown Independent. Lenny Lipton and Chris Condon, the two legendary 3-D experts behind this production, will appear for a Q&A following the movie. This one-time only screening is a unique opportunity to see one of the few indie feature films from the wave of stereoscopic movies in the 1980s.

I strongly encourage anyone who has not been to the Downtown Independent, L.A.’s only indie-friendly 3-D cinema, to do so. They host a wide variety of interesting programming and and events.

If you would like to win a pair of tickets to the Rottweiler screening, leave a comment telling me why you want to see the movie, or, tell me what your favorite 80s 3-D movie is. I’ll notify one lucky winner by email this Saturday morning.

Click here for more information on this Sunday’s events, which, in addition to the feature film, include a free 3-D short film showcase and potluck barbecue at the theater’s rooftop bar.

7 thoughts on “Win Tickets To Rare Screening Of ‘Rottweiler’ in 3-D”

  1. I wanna go because I wanna be scared shitless. Big dogs are already scary. Big dogs in 3D should give me nightmares.

    I’ve only seen 2D movies from the 80’s downcomverted to 2D. :(

  2. I want to go because ancient Piranhas aren’t scary– all you have to do is stay out of the water. Boom. Done. Haven’t been in the water all summer.

    But a dog coming for your throat in terrifying 3-D? Man’s best friend hunting down humans for blood …or worse? Bending down to pet a little old woman’s chihuahua only to stand back up without a hand?

    Yeah, that’s bone chilling stuff. Cujo, eat your heart out because you have nothign on ROTTWEILER.

  3. Me, please! I’m going through a divorce and need to channel my bloodlust somewhere legal and healthy.

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