Living in their own Public Idaho

Spotted, coincidentally, near Idaho Ave. in Santa Monica, this vintage Ford Bronco with Idaho plates. Check out the state motto on that Idaho plate:


Seriously? In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice, I ask, “who were the marketing wizards who came up with that one?  How long did that take to create? Couldn’t you guys have been just a little more colorful with promoting your state?”

No “Sportsman’s Friend?” No “Sawtooth Beauty?” No “Vote For Pedro?” No “White Supremacist’s Paradise?”

Of course we know Idaho is famous for its potatoes.  But if every state’s license plate slogan was as obvious as Idaho’s, what would be on your favorite state’s plates?  Would we have …?

New Jersey:  “BIG HAIR



Wisconsin:  “BIG FAT PEOPLE

Louisiana:  “SHIT HAPPENS

And for California?  How about:




4 thoughts on “Living in their own Public Idaho”

  1. What’s more interesting than the Idaho motto is the word on the personalized plate. “Saudade” is a Portugese word for a kind of wistful longing, Wikipedia has: Saudade has been described as a “vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist … a turning towards the past or towards the future”

    If that doesn’t sum up Los Angeles, I don’t know what does.

  2. @solmssen, I thought about that too, although, being in license plate mode, I thought that maybe the driver was wistfully longing for the year 2008, which seems to be the last time he or she registered the car, or maybe the driver was longing for another screw, that is, the kind that attach license plates to cars.

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