Classic Eats #12: Smokin’ Good Time!

Classic Eats #12 was a great time, thanks to everyone who came out – regulars and newbies! There were a lucky 13 of us all together and much delicious discounted dinner was eaten and photographed.

Fellow B.LA blogger Jodi was there with her S.O. Eric, they ate and hung out with plenty of time to spare before their evening at the Hollywood Bowl. Janna, another B.LAer also came, holding court at the other end of the table. New Classic Eaters (and former lurkers) Donielle and Tony were also there. Hooray for bringing the people out from the shadows! I also loved all the awesome regulars coming again, though we missed Jeff and Donna and Mr. Hooks!

We were seated at a large table beyond the bar (not in the main dining room). Some of us got to sit in a classic red booth, which of course, made the evening that much more awesome. You would have found us by going past this fab sign:

Photo by Donielle (New To Classic Eats!)

Most everyone had MEAT as this was The Smokehouse after all. (Remember this is “Classic Eats” not “Healthy Eats”.) The proportions were all hefty with many a doggy bag leaving with us. We were all really pleased with the amazing 25% discount on any dinner menu item if you order before 6.

Two of our party ordered the Chateaubriand and it was served in style, tableside.

Photo by Shana Hagan

The finished presentation. I had a bite and it was tasty.

Photo by Shana Hagan
Old school cocktail service

A photographer came around wanting to sell us a group photo. (She seemed perplexed when she asked what the occasion was and the best we could do was “It’s August 21st!”) We got this multi imaged one for free and had the option of buying a 5×7 for $16/each or $11/each if we purchased more than one. We politely declined.  We waited for the Captain to come by, but he never did…

Hey, are we on a cruise ship?

The signage at the Smokehouse is great.

Photo by Donielle

Thanks for another great Classic Eats Evening! Cheers to all who came and cheers to those we’ll see next time. Watch this space for news on Classic Eats 13!

Photo by Shana Hagan

See Donielle’s full flickr set here. Non labeled photos by moi.

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  1. How about posting an address, phone number, or website for the restaurant at the end of the thread (we’re too lazy to do the work ourselves) since the article doesn’t even say what part of the city it is in…

  2. Sigh…Jeff and Donna were dealing with in-laws (whom we love, okay? But why did we have to choose between them and Classic Eats????) and eating something NOT as good as what you were having…ah, well.

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