Pocket Park: Silver Lake’s Parkman Triangle

After some two years in the way of planning and designing, many hours of many weekends this spring were spent by volunteers digging and hauling and planting and nurturing and shaping and scaping what had long been the desolate corner of concrete at the intersection of Parkman Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard south of Sunset Boulevard into the living “urban lounge” that is now one of Los Angeles’ newest pocket parks.

While I failed miserably and absolutely in my intentions to pitch in, thankfully there were enough of my neighbors who got involved and stayed involved and enlisted others that gave of themselves.  And it all culminated yesterday with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by City Councilman Eric Garcetti, who spoke eloquently about the importance of projects such as this.

Pictured above in the front row flanking the giant-scissor-bearing councilman are Julie Hansen and Ara Babian to Garcetti’s right, with Leon Kaye and John Southern to his left. Southern is holding a certificate of appreciation presented by the city’s Office of Community Beautification.

To make up for my lack of volunteer participation in the park’s creation, I’ll be helping maintain it with monthly visits to remove the inevitable trash that will accumulate. In addition, I plan to utilize it as a new gathering point for any future group bike rides I may host since it’s one that’s a lot pleasant than the parking lot at Silversun Plaza, what with its liquor store’s cranky bike-hating proprietor.

More info on the nonprofit Parkman Triangle Group is here, and below is  a pic of the space:

5 thoughts on “Pocket Park: Silver Lake’s Parkman Triangle”

  1. They really need to do something about the irrigation at that park. The sidewalks get more water than the plants and lots of water ends up running down into the gutter.

    I’m happy to see the park there, but I’d prefer it if it wasn’t a “drain” on our water resources.

    On a side note, where do you think they get those giant scissors? Is there just one set? Does each City Council office get one for purposes like this? Could someone investigate the life of giant ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors and post on it?

  2. Coincidentally Cybele, that water waste may very well be attributable to city regulations. As I understand it the group’s original plans called for a drip irrigation system, but that was nixed by officials who specified a sprinkler system need be installed.

    As to those scissors, your guess is as good as mine.

  3. That’s right, Will. We initially wanted to do drip irrigation, but the City would now allows us. They wanted full blown water works. We are continuously fine-tuning the irrigation system, so bear with us on that one. Alas, I don’t have the answer regarding the scissors, though they were fun to hold….

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