Classic Eats #12: Get Your Vote On!

It’s time to vote! Where will Classic Eats take place on August 21? That is entirely up to you!

As ever, the evening will commence at approximately 5pm so as to avoid crowds and so you can join in and still make it to a later event or date that night. Though if you’ve never joined in, you should know that sometimes we have so much danged fun we don’t leave until almost midnight! You just never know what will go on…

For Classic Eats #12 we have three choices, one is a previous contender, the other two are new to the Classic Eats panoply of dining options. Click here to get to the poll.

Get your votes in and please spread the word! Can’t wait to see you all there!

The three awesome options are:

Burbank Bonanza: The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse has been nestled in Burbank since 1946, serving the likes of  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Errol Flynn, Judy Garland, Milton Berle, and Jack Parr. Located right across the street from Warner Bros. Studios, you never know who you might see there. Captain and Tenille were discovered there — need I say more?? The Smokehouse is also famous for their garlic bread – okay twist my arm, I’ll orders some. BONUS: On Saturdays from 4-6pm you get 25% off any item on their regular dinner menu. I don’t have a second location for this event, so if anyone can chime in for a follow up spot, local to Burbank and in any way Classic, I’m in!

The Smokehouse
4420 West Lakeside Drive
Burbank 91505

LAX Adjacent: Pann’s and The Buggy Whip

If you’ve raced to catch a plane, speeding along La Tijera from mid-city, you’ve seen both Pann’s and The Buggy Whip. Maybe you’ve promised yourself “One of these days I’ll leave enough time to stop in.” Now’s your chance! Pann’s has been a Googie landmark and family owned since 1958. They’ve got excellent, classic diner food, served in an excellent, classic diner. It’s so classic that movies shoot there often. You may recall Pulp Fiction’s diner scene…?? That was Pann’s. Just look at all that Googie Goodness! The Buggy Whip is a classic red velvet booth, live piano player, bar/lounge/restaurant/banquet room all in one. It’s been named one of the best steak places in LA and is a bit pricey to prove it. I thought it best to start at Pann’s then mosey over to the ‘Whip for a post dinner cocktail or dessert in the lounge. I’m hoping there is a giant brandy snifter on the piano for tips…

6710 La Tijera Blvd
LA 90045

The Buggy Whip
7420 La Tijera Blvd.
LA 90045
(310) 645-7131

Off The Hook: Bahooka

This might be a trek for some of you, but hey, it’s going to be so worth it! This place is INSANE! Born in 1967, full of fish tanks and fish of every color and type and size, wacky giant sized tikis and even crazier flaming drinks. I’d never heard about it until recently, but dang, it looks worth the trip! I can’t do it justice. Click that link!

4501 N. Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 285-1241 -or- (626) 285-7514

9 thoughts on “Classic Eats #12: Get Your Vote On!”

  1. The Smokehouse is classic old school steak house and the food is mighty tasty too. I’m voting for there just because the Valley deserves a little lovin’ from us too.

  2. Bahooka “feels like an underwater paradise?” Not too many places can make that claim. So, it gets my vote. I just have to figure out where Rosemead is. . .

  3. Hey Jeremy, not boring! But it does say on the Pann’s Website: “Pann’s has received The Los Angeles Conservancy’s Award for best example of “Classic 50’s Coffee Shop” in our city and has been the location choice for numerous award winning films such as PULP FICTION, XXX, BEWITCHED and most recently NEXT.”

  4. I’m voting for Pann’s/Buggy Whip. My friends and I just love the place. My cousin Morgan T. Mayfaire took me there for my birthday a few years ago. I’m a big Pulp Fiction fan and besides the party, the place rocked.

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