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After 45 years (yes, 45!) the Scorpions have decided to lay down their guitars. Before they retire, however, they’ll be on a three-year farewell tour. The Get Your Sting And Blackout tour comes to southern California this week, and has your tickets. Read on…

As I suspect is true of most hard rock fans my age (or perhaps a little younger,) the Scorpions first hit my radar with their Love At First Sting album in 1984. That was the album that featured the anthem “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” It was followed closely by 1985’s World Wide Live. Even now it’s hard to believe those records (yes, they were “records” back then) were released 25 years ago. Harder still to believe that Rudolf Shenker started this band in 1965.

Scorpions (with guests, Cinderella) are coming to the new(ish) Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario on Thursday, July 29, and we’ve got your tickets. Want to win a pair of tickets to the show courtesy of Goldenvoice and Just leave me a note in the comments below telling me your Scorpions story. Favorite song, why you desperately want to see them on this farewell tour, how you missed seeing them in high school because your mom wouldn’t let you camp out overnight at Music+Plus to get tickets. You get the idea.

Contest ends Wednesday at 9:00am, with winners notified via email. Keep a close eye on your inbox Wednesday morning, because I need you to reply to a question in that winning email by noon Wednesday. If I don’t hear from you, I have to pass the tickets on to the next winner. (Pro tip: Watch your inbox after noon too, just in case you’re the runner up. I’ll still need a quick response.)

Don’t want to take a chance on winning your way into the show? You can still purchase tickets here. I wouldn’t wait too long, though. The Scorpions show on Saturday night at the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live appears to already be sold out.

As has become my habit, I’ll start you off with my Scorpions story. Well, not mine actually…
In 1990, a friend who was working for Mercury Records was taking advantage of the “free meal on your birthday” deal at the Denny’s on Sunset Blvd. While “dining” (seriously, it’s Denny’s; the quotes around that word are deserved,) in walk the Scorpions, who were in Hollywood recording “Crazy World.” They recognized my friend, as they had just met her at the Mercury offices, and discovering it was her birthday, they all gathered round her table to sing “Happy Birthday.” The Scorpions. Singing “Happy Birthday.” At Denny’s. A happy birthday indeed.

Okay, now you.

One thought on “Win Tickets For Scorpions Farewell”

  1. Oh my, there are no comments here, and i just found this. and it was to end today at noon.

    So what the heck I gotta try.
    Off the top of my head Scorpions tickets.

    Me and a gf went to see them in Long Beach some many years ago. i was wearing my rocker jeans with natural rips in them.
    as the concert started,i jumped up from seat in excitement, then bent over to pick up my jacket i had dropped off of my lap. as i did that, my jeans made a loud ripping, tearing noise, and now my whole left side of my booty was hanging out. It was a huge tear, nobody heard the loud sound as the Scorpions were rockin hard. (phew)
    i luckily had my jacket and tied it around me, and let the show go on.

    I still have those jeans to this day, they have a little sentimental value to me now.

    Thank you and I will pray to any gods that may be listening, that if there truly are no other entrants, that i may be the one.

    Peace and Rock n Roll


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