Win Tix to The New Pornographers 7/20!!!!

Those Canadians!  Giving us great things like poutine, part of a title of a Calvin & Hobbes collection, and a pretty great band pretty awesomely called The New Pornographers (band name history: founder and lead singer A.C. Newman was contemplating the use of placing “new” as a descriptor; after seeing the Japanese movie The Pornographers, the band name was born).   Pitchfork labeled the band as a “Canadian supergroup,” owing to the fact that the bands’ albums consistently are top ranked, and that all eight members of the group are just as successful in their individual ventures as they are when they work together.  This is, after all, the band that counts Neko Case as a member.  “Canadian supergroup”, though, sounds much too much like they’re readying for battle against evil doers; to the contrary, their brand of hyperkinetic indie pop is as innocent as the Swiss army.  Not to say that they aren’t powerful in the least – the music is infectious, you just want to dance, and their current album, Together, is fantastic.

The New Pornographers currently are touring their neighbor to the south, and I have tickets for their July 20th show at the Music Box in Hollywood to give away!  In honor of The New Pornographer’s nomenclature, just give come up with your best porn star name in the comments below.  Your name could follow the eons-old rule (i.e., first pet’s name + the street you grew up on = Idgie Michaels for me), or you could just make up your own rule as you go along (like real porn stars).  Best name wins the tickets.  Be sure to include a valid e-mail; I’ll contact the winner by the end of the business day on Friday.  Best of luck!

— Idgie Michaels

22 thoughts on “Win Tix to The New Pornographers 7/20!!!!”

  1. I’d be Erin Kenwater by the ages old rule, but that sounds like a female Private Investigator.

    Richard Woodcock, however sounds like a female’s privates investigator (if you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge).

    Wordplay = fun

  2. Lucy Indianola

    Cali Edith

    Unbridled Indiscretion

    Oscillating Indifference

    Pusilating Backendgrinder

    Jimmy Swaggart

    *bets that most of you “fans” won’t get that last joke*

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