ICME: Life In The Slow Lane

My husband and I went to a small park in Mar Vista today and cruising along the dog path were these two bruisers. Their names are Bonita and NiƱa and they actually could move right along. Their owner brought them in baskets to have some park time.

I love the unexpected pets in LA.

4 thoughts on “ICME: Life In The Slow Lane”

  1. If these are the same species as our Russian tortoise, Buster, then they are right spry and when properly motivated can cover a surprising amount of ground in so short a time. On top of that they are tireless escape artists who will stubbornly exploit a barrier until they defeat it.

    Buster is testament to that having fled whoever brought her home in 2001 (probably from Petco) into my mom’s Sherman Oaks backyard where she found it burrowed into the dirt. Whoever lost her probably plunked it down in a backyard thinking “it’s a tortoise, what the hell is it gonna do?” Answer: Get the hell out is what.

  2. God, that’s cute.
    I will never order turtle soup again.

    (when is ‘Classic Eats’ going out, by the way?
    (also by the way: Donna and I are getting married in two weeks!)
    (I know that has nothing to do with turtles or blogging, but I’m just really excited)

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