Win tickets to Danzig

Do you really think you deserve to go see Danzig with with Gorgeous Frankenstein & Toxic Holocaust at Club Nokia on June 26th?

Huh? Do ya? Well, I have FOUR PAIRS OF TICKETS I’m giving away. That’s right. Four pair.

Actually, I’m not giving them away, I don’t really think any of you deserve them. If it were up to me, you’d sit outside the venue sniveling like a pathetic emo kid wishing you could come inside.

But the folks here a Blogging.LA are kinder than I. Some would even say weak. Their benevolence will surely be their undoing.

Thus, it has been left to me to determine which of you unworthy heathens shall be permitted to enter this event.

Here’s how to enter: In the Comments Section, give me no more than two lines of your favorite MISFITS lyrics. That’s right, MISFITS LYRICS.

Yeah, I know. I don’t care.

And no more than TWO LINES! You copy and paste the entire text of “London Dungeon,” or whatever, up in there, I will find you, walk up to you on the street, and wordlessly slap you and walk away. You’ll know why it happened. You’ll know you deserved it, too.

So, no Danzig lyrics. Not even Samhain lyrics. Misfits. Two lines. I figure even if you poseurs have to Google the lyrics, at least you’ll be exposed to some actual Punk Rock.

The four entries that please me the most will win tickets.

OK, Go.

18 thoughts on “Win tickets to Danzig”

  1. This is the static age we live in
    Our eyes criss-cross, hold and gaze

    -Static Age

  2. an omelet of disease awaits your noontime meal
    her mouth of germicide seducing all your glands

  3. Collect the heads of little girls and put ’em on my wall
    Hack the heads off little girls and put ’em on my wall

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