Twihards Take Note: Melissa Rosenberg at WGA Theater on July 13

CLARIFICATION: Yeah, I’m a bit of a dumbass. The event is NOT taking place at the Writers Guild Theater, which is on Doheny, but at the WGF/WGA Headquarters. The address I give below (7000 W 3rd St.) is correct, but that is NOT the address for the Writers Guild Theater. If you’re looking for it on Google Maps or Mapquest, just plug in that address and you’ll be fine.

I was never much of a Twilight fan. This is probably because I’m a 35-year-old man, and as such my daddy issues run more toward “crippling feelings of inadequacy” than “desperate need for a brooding hunky celibate vampire to come and take me away from it all.” But, hey, I liked Buffy, so who am I to judge Team Edward?

Now, hang on, Twihards: Before you start sending me angry emails about how you’re actually on Team Jacob, or how Twilight is totally different from any other vampire franchise for the following sixty-two reasons, or how boys are just generally icky, know this: Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter of the three Twilight films to date, will be appearing at the Writers Guild of America at 7000 W 3rd St. on July 13. She’ll be interviewed by LA Times writer Gina Piccalo, about how her time as a writer on great shows like Dexter and The O.C. led to the vamp gig. The event is hosted by the Writers Guild Foundation, the charitable arm of the scriptwriters’ union.

And if you can’t get tickets, there’s still a bit of good news: The Writers Guild Foundation is offering tickets to an online audience. So if you can’t pre-order a ticket to the actual event (which you can do by visiting this page), you can still watch the event from the comfort of your own coffin, via WGF live stream. To get tickets to the live stream, go here. Tickets to the live event are $20; live stream tix are $10.

Oh, and I’ll be there! Not because I’m secretly into Twilight or anything; I’ll probably be working the door. So come to meet me, too. I’m exactly one thousand times less successful and famous than Melissa Rosenberg, but, y’know, still.

Visit the Writers’ Guild Foundation for more information on this event.