The rebirth of


Once upon a time a bunch of bloggers in Los Angeles got all emo for each other. A/S/L was asked and responded to. As things are want to do in such situations inhibitions were thrown to the wind, chances were taken, protection was not worn, and a site called was born unto the world. This site was snotty and annoyed the crap out of people, but it was young so everyone put up with it. Eventually it grew up and got a real job and people started calling it Los Angeles Metroblogging until they decided that name was too long and stupid and settled on LA Metblogs. It towed the company line for many years and it seemed like it always would until one day, and reports are a bit conflicting on this, it woke up dead. Some said suicide, some said murder, some said far reaching international cloak and dagger level spy vs spy assassination. Fearing public outcry a massive coverup was undertaken. Reports were faked and lookalikes were hired. Weekend at Bernie‘s became daily operating procedure until finally the lie became too big, and the rotting corpse too stinky.

The big guns were called in, but the situation was too much for them so the faithful turned to the dark arts. Black candles were lit and spooky latin was recited.


And also forwards, just to be safe.

And the ground shook, oh did it shake. For about 30 seconds until twitter confirmed it was just another aftershock from Baja California. Oh and also had risen from the grave. And here it is, back in bla.. well, light blue.


12 thoughts on “The rebirth of”

  1. Long live!

    But what’s the deal? Can we safely set our homepages and RSS readers to this site, knowing with confidence that we won’t get 404 errors for the foreseeable future? Can we count on the community to continue to drum up all the fits that are news to print? Is there more that can be done?

  2. Ya know… I just recently deleted my bookmarks with “” after the forwarding service went dead. Glad to see it’s back. @bloggingla reads better than @LAMEtblogs.

  3. Funny, like WALT!, I was about to finally change the link after I realized it didn’t work anymore. Now I don’t have to! So when’s the dumpster coming back to the logo?

  4. i love this site! i am a regular subscriber, delurking after 2 years.

    now, if someone can fix the search on this site (sigh). I can never find an old blog easily. For example, i wanted to find the recent pet vaccine post and couldn’t find it with searching for “pet vaccine” :|

  5. I too love that my old photos are back where they belong on my whale watching posts.

    While I find the new layout antiseptic I can live with it, mostly because I dig the man hole cover. Can we get a date on the posts though? When glancing through the page, sometimes I have trouble seeing where I left off and a date might help.

  6. Great to have this site back! I was a great fan of this blog before and I was so sad when you guys stopped. Anyways great to have you back!

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