Win Tix to The Brian Jonestown Massacre on June 22!

I remember when I first started hearing music from the BJM is the early oughts, when the band was already over ten years old, and their combo of druggy spacerock and Rolling Stones influences was legendary on the non-westside (I can’t call it the eastside, someone will come to my house & break my kneecaps). So were the antics of their eccentric frontman, Anton Newcombe.

They’re playing around again, and this is a great chance to see the sound and the feeling that really captured the heart of this city’s [non-westside] music scene in the early 2000s.

In honor of Anton, to win you have to leave the craziest rock-star story you can think of. It can be made up, it can be real, it can be autobiographical or the stuff of “Behind The Music” legends.

Info on the show is here.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Brian Jonestown Massacre on June 22!”

  1. I was at a party with this band I was shooting for, and there was a guy there doing piercings for people. Our guitarist wanted a Prince Albert but the guy wouldn’t do it. They argued back and forth for a while until the guy got pised and just gave him a needle and told him to do it himself. After putting a huge dent in a handle of vodka, he went into the bathroom and locked the door. We could hear him taking the lid off the toilet tank… then the sound of porcelain hitting the ground quickly followed by a blood curdling scream. After kicking the door open we realized he had nailed his dick to the toilet seat. BTW the paramedics took him toilet seat and all.

  2. I would love to see BJM on a bill with Kathleen Turner Overdrive and the Lloyd Dobler Effect.

  3. In the very early 80’s, my friend Linda, and I snuck into a bar in Hollywood, as we were both just sixteen. She was flirting with a handsome older black guy, who she explained to me was soul singer Marvin Gaye. After a lot of making out in the bar, Marvin invited Linda back to his hotel room, and she only agreed to go if I came along. He was all set to party. The three of us piled in my Chevy Caprice, and we all freebased cocaine on the drive to the Hilton by LAX, where Marvin had a top floor suite. At the hotel, we all drank Southern Comfort and did more coke, while he told us stories about Ronnie Spector and “other New York hos”. He ended up dropping trou, and demanded that Linda blow him, to which she obliged. He also wanted to watch me wank myself while Linda went down on him, but he was so high and drunk he couldn’t get hard, even with two mostly undressed teenagers in the room. After embarrassment, he went into a rage and chased us out, screaming “Jewish dyke whore faggot” etc. at us down the hallway of the Hilton. We ran really, really fast, leaving a few of our clothes behind.

    His Dad ended up shooting him less than a year later.

  4. I’ve been fortunate to see some great shows, but the most memorable concert moment by far was during a Brian Jonestown Massacre show at the Troubador in 1998 (that concert was memoralized in the rockumentary “Dig!”.) My favorite BJM album “Strung Out In Heaven” had come out and I was literally playing it over and over and over. If you saw “Dig!” then you know the concert was a mess, but a glorious mess.

    It was bad enough that instead of their psychedelic rock jams, Anton insisted on singing folk-y tunes with a female vocalist named Miranda … or that the guitarist QUIT and walked out in the middle of the set, screaming epithets at Anton and being screamed at by Anton in return.

    No, it was the fact that during this disarray an audience member simply got onstage, picked up the guitar and started playing along with the band and NOBODY NOTICED. So the band is jamming and this random guy is jammng along and then after a while Anton notices that there is a stranger on stage and starts flipping out.

    Only in Anton’s world can a stranger join the band and not be noticed. It was brilliant and hilarious and I have never seen anything as weird and wonderful since.

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