Donut Summit: Postmortem With Pictures

It all started so nice and tidy: lovely pink pastry boxes lined up, neatly labeled, evenly spaced.

And then the Donut-teers descended like locusts and peace was forever destroyed by the sound of dozens of mouths chewing chewing chewing, moans of pleasure echoing across the park, up to Griffith Observatory where tourists stood, confused by the unearthly sounds of fried, frittered and glazed pleasure.

Come with me past the jump to see the full frontal donut porn.

If you had been there, this would have been your greeting and your challenge.

Full Frontal
Perfect Bite From The Donut Man (The Winner of the Donut King Award)

None of this could have happened without our fearless donut leader, Alexandra.

There was Haiku time:

And some awesome trivia:

And some people learned about Hertz Donuts — the hard way!

Aside from the donuts represented by donut shops around greater LA, there were two handmade submissions. The first was from The Fry Girl. Shelley, the Fry Girl herself, arrived with little jewel boxes of mini donuts, recently fried and dusted with yummy toppings.

Word got out and she was swarmed!

Who can blame them. Look at those little gems!

A little later, another homemade contender arrived in the form of the Ginger Rogers donut:

Josh (seen here with his friend Andra) improvised them from a scone recipe, firing up a wok full of oil to fry them. He added candied ginger and voila! The Ginger Rogers. Josh had never made a donut before in his life and KUDOS to him for doing so. I had one of the GRs and I can attest that they were DEEEE-LICIOUS. Thanks Josh!

Donuts can take their toll, though. Here is LA Metblog writer Kevin Ott, early in the day, looking like he would kick some donut ass.

But once presented with the fried doughy treats, he lost it. Who can blame him, really?

Here at LA Metblogs we love to have events so we can meet you all. We also love to have events so we can get together with each other!

L to R: Julia Frey, Travis Koplow, Matt Mason, Queequeg, RobNoxious, Will Campbell, Lucinda Michele (our awesome city captain), Kevin Ott, Alexandra Apolloni, Jodi Kurland

At the end of a long, grueling afternoon of donut demolition, I leave you with the carnage.

(We cleaned up, I promise!)

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