Win Tickets to Video Games Live at the Nokia Theatre!

Reality has such a high resolution...
I Can't wait for this to come out on Rock Band!

So, the Downside of this Contest is that if you win, you might actually have to go outside.

And for the people who really deserve it, that might be an issue.

Video Games Live is coming to the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on June 17th as part of the E3 Expo!

And MetBlogs is giving away two pair of tickets!

I’m so excited I can barely hold my Wii!
(Don’t judge me, that’s the first pun I’ve really been able to make online about the console since it came out. Video games aren’t necessarily my “beat.” Beat. Wii. This is too easy.)

Wanna Go? Describe in the comments section the best/worst/most embarrassing thing you’ve ever sacrificed or missed in order to play, or continue playing, a Video Game.

Did you miss Finals to make the next level on Doom? Did you skip studying for the Bar Exam for an all nighter on Bio-Shock? Miss out on a hot date because the Guild needed you for a Raid? (Sure you did, buddy.) Let us know!

Winners will be determined in a totally biased and unfair manner by me, or maybe randomly. Alliance Scum may well have no chance.

Victory for Sylvanas!

(Oh, stop…I’ll be fair to members of the Alliance. The Horde are Just and know Mercy, when appropriate. … As in “Mercy Kill.”      …  For the Horde!)

5 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Video Games Live at the Nokia Theatre!”

  1. I had the worst whipping of my life because my parents received the phone bill after I had called the nintendo power hotline in order to “flip” Super Mario 3. I was about eight years old and Mario would walk you through the game and explain how to get flutes and skip levels. I think the phone bill must have been near three hundred dollars. The year was 1990.

  2. OMG…. my husband would DIE to go to this!!! I hope I can surprise him with the tickets if I win!!!

    I am not much of a gamer so I’m going to tell this story on his behalf… On the day the Wii came out, my husband got to the store early to camp out. Early like hours before anyone else even showed up, LOL! Halfway through, he got called into work and ended up begging his brother, Jonathan, to hold his spot in line. Jonathan is a smart dude and agreed, on the condition that my husband would buy him a Wii as well. I guess it was a small price to pay to be the first one in town to experience Wii sports :P

    Also, I’ve heard stories about the phone bills he and Jonathan racked up as kids calling that same hotline :)

  3. Also, I’d like to add that I have sacrificed way too many hours of sleep due to noise from that damn Call of Duty game that he plays late into the night! :P

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