Donut Summit: Announcing the Donut King!

We came, we saw, we donutted. And it was awesome. A huge thank you, from me and from all of us here at Metblogs, to everyone, who came out to the Donut Summit today! We had an fifty entries – so basically, a heck of a lot of donuts – and a great crowd, and a beautiful afternoon! I’m sure you’re all dying to know the voting results, and who reigns supreme as DONUT KING (!!!) but first, there are a few people who need lots of thanking:

To our readers, old and new, for coming out and supporting us!

To all of the writers here at Metblogs who helped out in all kinds of ways but most especially the following people:

Kevin Ott, for writing a hilarious voting guide (which I’m going to ask him to post here for everyone to read), for helping scout locations, and for hanging out with me in Griffith Park for three hours this morning so that nobody would steal our picnic tables;

Our intrepid captain Lucinda, for her publicity know-how, her event-running smarts, her megaphone, her fantastic donut hats, for making last-minute trips to Smart and Final, and for thinking this event was a good idea in the first place;

Julia Frey, our coffee maven;

Queequeg, who drove all the way to Glendora to make sure that we would have those fresh strawberry Donut Man donuts;

The minds who came up with the idea of the Donut Summit – ,as I recall, it was hatched over pastrami sandwiches during the Classic Eats visit to Langer’s – I was there, Julia was there, Robnoxious was there, I think maybe Will Campbell was there, and I don’t remember who else – and I think it was Robnoxious who first suggested we bring all of LA’s donuts to one central location.  And thus the Donut Summit was born!

I also want to thank some of my non-Metblogger friends who drove me around to get Donut Summit supplies, and stayed up late with me spraypainting silver and gold donut medals. And special thanks to my friend Nikki who put her stage managerial skills to work and ran Donut Registration for us today.   I’m sure I’ve forgotten other people who deserve a huge thank you, but please know that we appreciate all your help and support!

I was so excited at the number of donut shops represented today – we had very little overlap, and later this week I’ll post a full list of the donut shops who were represented. I want to give a nod to what I thought were some of the highlights of the competition: DK’s Donuts, from Santa Monica absolutely floored me with their blueberry apple fritters (I think they were robbed of the Best Fritter title!) and fresh whipped cream donuts; Babycakes’ vegan donuts were delicious and light and tasty; and Frygirl’s homemade mini donuts were totally to die for (and she does catering!) and I will admit to personally saving all of the leftover Frygirl donuts for myself.

And now, after the jump, the results!

BEST YEAST-RAISED DONUT: (a four-way tie) Moon Donuts, Redondo Beach; Frygirl; Huckleberry Donuts, Santa Monica; Spudnuts, Mar Vista/Canoga Park

BEST CAKE DONUT: Tasty Donuts, West Hollywood

BEST DONUT FILLING: Donut Man, Glendora

BEST FRITTER: Randy’s, Westchester

BEST FROSTING OR GLAZE: (yet another four-way tie!) Moon Donuts, Redondo Beach; Bob’s Donuts, 3rd and Fairfax; Donut Man, Glendora; Granny’s Donuts, San Pedro

BEST CHOCOLATE DONUT: DK’s Donuts, Santa Monica

BEST HERTZ DONUT: Our very own Mr. Robnoxious



ROUNDEST DONUT: Spudnuts, Mar Vista/Canoga Park


WORST OVERALL DONUT: Dubious Donuts, Culver City? (these donuts were of mysterious origin, possibly homemade?)


Congrats to everyone who brought winning donuts and thanks again!  Stay tuned as more of our writers post their reports and pictures from the Donut Summit!

13 thoughts on “Donut Summit: Announcing the Donut King!”

  1. aren’t you glad i showed up and brought those DK treats with me? :)

    btw, those dubious doughnuts were truly bad. i took a bite and had to toss the rest of the piece away… something i don’t usually do!

  2. I still think the donuts from Angel Food Donuts, in Long Beach, were amongst the best and I’m surprised they didn’t get more votes. There were so many donuts, it seemed like some boxes were getting overlooked. I agree that the vegan donuts from Babycakes, though not exactly like regular donuts, were surprisingly also amongst the best donuts there.

  3. Much Thanks for organizing this. What surprise me: was that out of the 50+ shops (mostly all independent) how similar most of the donuts were. The differences were very subtle. To add something like fresh fruit, peanut butter, or whole wheat made the donuts radically different.

    My favorite was Frygirl. More like the original Dutch treat. Think she mentioned starting a Frygirl Truck. Oh yeah. That would be awesome.

  4. Kudos to all. 24 hours after the fact, I’m pained — still — that I missed this. Please — with rainbow sprinkles on top — make this a regular (annual, twice-annual) event.

  5. Hello doughnut lovers!

    I’m so happy I stumbled across this page while doing some research. I’m working on a new food docu-series and we’re looking to chat with people who live in the greater Los Angeles area that feel like they have a slight “obsession” with doughnuts.

    If there’s anyone that eats doughnuts on a daily basis and feels like it’s starting to dominate their diet, I’d love to chat with you and tell you more about the show.

    For anyone that’s interested, please contact Jessica at KiernanCasting(at)gmail(dot)com ASAP!

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