Donut Summit countdown is on!

Things are getting very exciting over here at Donut Summit HQ!  Only three more days to go!  And we’ve been featured on Flavorpill, so we want to thank the fine folks over there for the awesome shout out!

And as you’re getting ready for Sunday, you might want to think about brushing up on your donut know-how, because if you think we’re just going to be eating donuts, think again:  we have all kinds of donut fun and games cooked up!  There will be donut trivia contests!  (Do you know who invented the donut?  Hint:  It wasn’t the Earl of Donut.)  There will  the Amazing Hands-Free Donut Eating Challenge!  And, for you literary types, there will be a prize for the best donut haiku!

To get you inspired, here is a donut poem that is not, in fact, a haiku, but rather, is modeled after the oeuvre of William Blake:

Cruller, cruller, burning bright,

In a strip mall late at night,

What immortal pastry

Could better harden arteries?

If that’s not inspiring, please, tell me what is.  And tell me in person, at the Donut Summit!  Sunday, 1pm, picnic area near the intersection of Vermont and Commonwealth Canyon in Griffith Park.  And BRING DONUTS!!

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