Vote Today!!!

I know lots of you are weary of politics and the difficulty this city seems to be having in the basics of operating.  But don’t let cynicism rule! Now is the time to make your voice heard, so get on down to the polling station and vote.  I’m taking a moment out of my crazy day to cast a vote for the people I hope will make living here easier.  Yes, Mr. Brown, that is YOU for the primary race for Governor.  I’m counting on your allegiance to not throwing around 90 million dollars (helloooo Republlican Meg Whitman) to get elected.  Hopefully that reflects your common man approach.

Also, gotta put the brakes on State Measure 16.  PG & E has poured millions and millions of dollars into this, trying to hoodwink the public into granting them a virtually monopoly and very little accountability.  A big no for me.  Big corporate entities have shown us their lack of responsibility all around and I’m not inclined to support them any more.

Kamala Harris gets my vote for Attorney General.  She seems the most sane…

Anyway, see you at the polls!

One thought on “Vote Today!!!”

  1. I’m old enough that I remember Jerry Brown from his first time as governor and I’m supporting him again. Like you, I’m ‘agin’ the PG&E power grab (they’ve been fighting a northern California county’s try to set up their own energy system, hence the attempt to get the prop passed). I follow SF news daily (I’m originally from there) and I do disagree about the best person for AG–Ms Harris has not done her job in Sf, I’d rather see her return to private practice.
    Me, I voted absentee a couple weeks ago. Now we both just wait to see what happens.
    thanks for reminding others

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