Happy National Do(ugh)nut Day/Really Great Neon!

It’s National Donut Day, everybody!  The perfect day for me to remind you to come to the Donut Summit on June 13!

And today when I was out and about running some errands in West Hollywood, I saw this awesome vintage Winchell’s sign – it’s part of On Route -66 Lights, a collaborative exhibit between the city of West Hollywood and the Museum of Neon Art.  In addition to putting together a map of all the neon in Weho (click here for the pdf), and an accompanying flickr page where you can see and learn about all the different signs, they’ve installed four antique neon signs along Santa Monica Boulevard – three in the median near Santa Monica and La Cienega, and one (the Winchell’s sign) near the entrance to Plummer Park.  I love the Museum of Neon Art, so I think this is so awesome and I’m glad that they are clearly on my donut wavelength!  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the other three signs later this week!

One thought on “Happy National Do(ugh)nut Day/Really Great Neon!”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I remember this sign at its original location on Foothill and Mountain in Upland. Was sadden to see the place closed and wonder what happened to it. (The shopping center it was in is also home to 909’s best liquor store: Liquorama.)

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