4 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The California Carpet Company”

  1. The photo also reminds us that, Spring Street, not Main nor Broadway was the “Main Street” of Los Angeles at the turn of the last century. Also, at the time the trolley lines converged on Spring, whereas twenty years after this photo was taken they moved over to Broadway with the movie palaces.

  2. Amazing image featuring all modes of transport, peds, horse-drawns, electric rail, automobile — even three cyclists, two to the immediate left of the center rail car (one with his back to the camera and another above him coming towards it), and the third to the left of the vehicle in the bottom left of the frame.

  3. The building on the left is the Douglas Building, which is still there today, housing the Douglas Building Lofts, Origami and the Lot 44 Coffee Bar. Moving north, the building with the cupola is the old Orpheum Theatre (which preceded the newer Orpheum on Broadway), the Hoffman, and the Hollenbeck Hotel. The foremost conical tower belongs to the Hollenbeck, while the building with all the other conical towers and domes past the Hollenbeck is the Bryson Block located across Second St.

    Of all of those, only the Douglas Buliding remains today. The Orpheum’s location is a parking lot, the Hoffman and Hollenbeck were replaced by the LA Times parking garage, and the Bryson Block’s site is where the Times Mirror building is now located.

    Here is a Google Maps Street View of the same location today.

    That photo was the basis for a popular colorized litho postcard, but I can’t find a copy of it at the moment.

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