Still Time Left: Brand Bookshop’s Memorial Day Sale

Yes, I snagged this from Google Streetview.

Please accept my apologies, Dear Readers: I had meant to post about this sale over the weekend, but holiday festivities got in the way. But one of the best used bookstores in LA County — if not the best — is having a storewide sale that lasts through today and tomorrow.

Brand Bookshop, at 231 Brand Boulevard in Glendale, is offering a 30 percent discount on every book in the store. What’s more: They won’t charge you any sales tax. The sale ends at 9 PM tomorrow night.

For me, Brand is one of the most important bookstores in the area – not only because of its ridiculously huge speculative-fiction section, but because it’s both an independent bookseller and a seller of used books. Not only are used books cheaper (I paid about a buck-fifty apiece for Philip Jose Farmer’s entire World of Tiers series, complete with the kinds of awesome covers you just don’t see anymore), but they’re more environmentally friendly.

But I think there’s a greater ethic at work here as well. Down the street from Brand (and its counterpart, the wonderfully named Mystery and Imagination Bookshop) is a Border’s Books and Music. The employees at Border’s are uniformly friendly and responsive (I only shop there when Border’s sends me a coupon, and then only when the coupon is for 40 percent off or more, and even then I only buy one book. I’m not made of stone.), but the overall mindset of Border’s seems to be: Here’s your fuckin’ book. Now buy something else or go away. Books are lazily categorized; I’ve seen mystery and fantasy shoved together, and the science fiction section (which consists largely of Star Wars novels and, mysteriously, dozens and dozens of Dresden Files books) is relegated to a space near the bathrooms and the children’s books, as if to tell SF readers exactly how pathetic their literary inclinations are. At the Brand Bookshop, I feel like I’m respected as a reader.

So: Block a couple of hours from your nightly schedule and head to the Brand. And plan on spending a lot of time browsing.

2 thoughts on “Still Time Left: Brand Bookshop’s Memorial Day Sale”

  1. I lived in that store when I worked at Brand/Lexington. Great prices and all sorts of old treasures in the store.

  2. Even greater bargain is the Dollar Book store in Burbank. Strangely they tried to alphabetized and category the books.

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